Cruise veteran Michael Goh on adapting to the changing ebb and flow of the industry

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Cruise veteran Michael Goh on adapting to the changing ebb and flow of the industry

In exactly five words, how would you describe what you do to someone you meet for the first time?

We offer amazing vacation experiences!

How has the definition of luxury travel changed from pre-pandemic to now?

The global pandemic has led to a change in the mindset of travelers. Since the pandemic, we have seen that personal space and personal services have become important elements of luxury travel. There are many contributing factors, but the pandemic has resulted in more travelers realizing they want more personal space. They are also willing to spend money after a long absence from travel during the pandemic lockdown.

At Resorts World Cruises (RWC) this is clearly visible with our Palace offerings, Ship-in-ship an exclusive enclave that features countless luxurious palatial accommodations. Additional enhanced privileges include VIP lounge access with priority check-in and check-out, exclusive complimentary dining at Palace Restaurant and specialty restaurants, private pool and other amenities. Guests of our Palace will also be pampered with our signature 24-hour butler service.

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How does RWC strike a balance between maintaining timeless elegance and incorporating cutting-edge innovations to meet the changing preferences of affluent travelers?

Achieving balance is always important and an art in many ways. As the only domestic Asian cruise company, we have a deep-rooted strong Asian heritage that is reflected in our hospitality and service. At RWC, we strive to continuously provide best-in-class service, and that will never change. Human interaction is key to creating a positive, lasting memory and experience.

Having said that, we need to constantly update and supplement these “human touches” with the latest and most relevant offerings. These include creating a seamless pre-, onboard and post-cruise experience – be it with the ship’s processes, technology or connections.

How does RWC integrate sustainability practices into the core of its luxury cruise experiences?

Sustainability is vital in various industries, including the cruise sector. Today’s travelers are well-informed and prefer companies that share their values. At RWC, we are unwavering in our commitment to responsible environmental practices. We maintain a high standard of environmental responsibility where we operate. Our efforts include energy efficiency, fuel and water conservation, waste reduction, increased recycling, marine life conservation and oil pollution prevention.

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For example, the Genting Dream features Eniram’s liner optimization and advanced silicone-based hull coating to improve water flow and fuel efficiency. Our ship uses an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) to minimize emissions. In addition, our bio-waste treatment system includes dryers for incineration or unloading of waste materials.

In addition, we support local communities on shore excursions by promoting local business, arts and crafts and environmental activities such as jungle tracking, cycling and walking tours.

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How does RWC design shore excursions and on-board activities that offer unique encounters away from the usual tourist itineraries?

At each destination, holidaymakers have the choice to explore different itineraries or our team can tailor something for you. Sometimes these may not be off the beaten path, but more personalized shore excursions at the convenience of guests.

Luxury travel often overlaps with the desire for wellness experiences. How does RWC cater to this growing trend?

On our ships, Genting Dream and Resorts World One offer a variety of wellness experiences, from spas and massages, fitness training and workshops to dining options that offer wellness cuisine. In addition, we also organize various themed cruises on the ship to enhance our guests’ experiences. Wellness themed cruises have proven very popular in the past, with special events catering to all walks of life.

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When you look at the state of the world today, what is the one thing that gives you hope?

It gives me great joy to see how resilient the cruise industry is and how it has recovered from the global pandemic. It is very inspiring to see cruise lines, their crews and staff around the world gaining momentum and passengers regaining confidence in cruises. I am confident that the cruise tourism industry will continue to thrive and contribute to the overall growth of the tourism trade in Asia and globally.

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