Copper hair color is the new trend inspired by global celebrities

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Copper hair color is the new trend inspired by global celebrities

Summer is sun-drenched, full of brightness, warm and fresh and there are lots of new beginnings that may take place this summer. Our fashion sense mostly depends on the arrival of new seasons as it affects our selection. So with the advent of summer new fashion statements, hair style and make up preparations may go well. If you are passionate about coloring your hair then you must be very excited that copper is the new colour of the season. Copper is magnetic, copper is beautiful, so  let’s go for the copper tint  this summer.

With the rising temperature copper highlights are in style. Inspiration to portray this season’s hottest look comes from the celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Sophie Turner, Phoebe Dynevor and Kendall Jenner who all are looking gorgeous in their copper shade :

Gigi Hadid

Known for constantly being creative with her choices, Gigi Hadid has never disappointed us  with her various and flawless selections, especially when it comes to hair colors. The superstar first unveiled the copper hue on the runway. The addition of poker-straight hair is just one more method to lavishly win. She added an edge to her holiday style with a fringe, which by the way, we genuinely adored.

Sophie Turner

Copper hair is truly everywhere, and Sophie Turner is a great example of why this color is so popular. Don’t we love how classy these waves look? We are for sure. We love the red color of Sophie’s hair, which looks great with her features.

Phoebe Dynevor

Fans of the Bridgerton series rejoiced when the actress decided to dye her hair a summery copper color. These wave hairs are a great example of the versatility of this hue. Don’t you think it’s gorgeous? These are the perfect go-to hair colors for summer.

 Kendall Jenner

The trend for copper hair colors is undeniable, and the moment Kendall Jenner unveiled her copper locks cannot be forgotten. We cannot get over how incredible it is. She nailed a copped-toned hair color, along with a trendy fringe, that is still very much on-trend.


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