Charlie Walk, founder of the Walk this Way Podcast, interviews Amina Porter, PS CEO and luxury travel expert

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Charlie Walk, founder of the Walk this Way Podcast, interviews Amina Porter, PS CEO and luxury travel expert

Charlie Walk, founder of the Walk this Way Podcast, interviews Amina Porter, PS CEO and luxury travel expert

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, USA , Aug. 1, 2023 / — Charlie Walk is a multi-talented figure in the worlds of entertainment, music and public speaking. But now he has taken his passion for sharing knowledge and experience to a new level with his podcast Walk this Way. In each episode, Charlie engages with fascinating guests from a variety of fields, offering insights and practical advice that are sure to leave listeners captivated and enlightened. From brain training to body sculpting, branding and wellness, there’s something for everyone in this treasure trove of valuable information. With more than 25 episodes already released and a new one every week, Charlie Walk has created a must-listen resource for anyone passionate about personal growth and development.

One particular episode that stands out is his conversation with PS CEO Amina Porter. In this episode, Porter shares how she transformed the luxury travel industry, her insights and experiences, offering listeners invaluable insights on how to turn their own passion into success.

Charlie Walk, music director and entrepreneur, has long had his finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting. This time he turned his attention to the luxury travel industry and Amina Porter’s company, PS. What makes PS unique is their seamless travel experience to and from the world’s largest and busiest airports. As the founder of PS, Porter has created a seamless travel experience that meets the needs of even the most demanding and sophisticated travelers. With PS, passengers can enjoy unparalleled convenience while traveling to and from the world’s largest and busiest airports. This unparalleled experience begins as soon as passengers arrive at the airport, where they are greeted by valets who promptly take care of parking and luggage. With PS, passengers never have to worry about checking in or weighing their luggage as it disappears into the hands of PS staff. To top things off, PS provides passengers with two highly coveted options: a lively social lounge or, for those seeking a more exclusive experience, luxurious private suites. Amina Porter and PS are truly changing the face of luxury travel and it’s not hard to see why Charlie Walk admires her talents.

As much as we love to travel, navigating the airport can be a daunting task. It can be stressful keeping up with ever-changing flight schedules, worrying about checking your luggage, or even remembering to pack the essentials. This is where PS steps in to make your travel experience the best it can be. Amina Porter shares that their goal is to be one to five steps ahead of you. They’re here to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything, whether it’s getting your charger or a neck pillow. With everything fully charged, you can be sure that your pre-flight experience will be as smooth and painless as possible. PS recognizes the value of their services by lobbying Congress to allow TSA in a terminal outside of public terminals. So sit back, relax and let PS take care of the rest. They are here to celebrate your safe journey.

Join Charlie Walk as he dives deep into the world of PS travel, giving us a glimpse into Amina Porter’s efforts to get her business up and running and thriving. Porter’s dedication to making every major city accessible to the services offered by PS is an inspiration to every business owner. In Walk This Way, Charlie Walk reveals the founding of PS and its promising future, filling us with optimism and excitement for the future of travel. Prepare to be transported to a new dimension where your travel experiences are redefined and your expectations exceeded. Join now and join the journey of innovation and progress!

Whether you’re interested in music, business or personal development, you’ll find something to learn and be inspired by. The best part is that it’s available on every platform every week where you can listen to podcasts, so you can tune in anytime, anywhere. Charlie Walk’s Walk this Way is the perfect way to open your mind to different sources of knowledge and expand your understanding of the world around us. Don’t miss this fascinating podcast and its amazing host!

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