Celebrity Photographer Rahul Jhangiani Shares Tips And Tricks For Budding Photographers

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Celebrity Photographer Rahul Jhangiani Shares Tips And Tricks For Budding Photographers

New Delhi: Every year on August 19, the world commemorates World Photography Day, which honours the process of capturing moments and emotions through pictures. The day aims to bridge the gap between photographers and photo enthusiasts all over the world by providing a common platform. This occasion dates back to 1837, when Frenchmen Louis Dagueere and Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented the Daguerreotype, the first photographic technique.

On this day, ABP Live had a candid conversation with celebrity photographer Rahul Jhangiani, who talked about his journey and shared tips and tricks for budding photographers.

Here are some excepts from the interview:

How has your journey in the realm of a celebrity photographer been this date?

Being a celebrity photographer is truly a dream come true. It allows me to capture the stars that I have seen growing up. It is an absolute privilege to work with individuals who have influenced and shaped our entertainment industry.

According to you what are your best shots as a celebrity photographer?

Some of my most cherished photographs have come about through spontaneous moments and unexpected occurrences. May it be on set after a commercial shoot or in between of a planned shoot. Some of these takes that are taken, turn out to be the best ones. 

Can you share 5 tips and tricks for a perfect picture that a budding photographer should keep in mind?

  • Understand your subject 
  • Stay updated on current fashion trends 
  • Lighting is the key 
  • Build connections and collaborate 
  • Develop your own unique style 

How has iphone revolutionised photography?

Gone are the days where people used to carry bulky and heavy cameras around just to capture precious moments during their trips. iPhones have revolutionised photography and have become the go-to device for travel photography. Not only are they compact and lightweight, but the quality of photos they produce is exceptional.

Can you share the process of a celebrity shoot?

The photoshoot begins with a critical step: hair and makeup. For celebrities, having a trusted and preferred hair and makeup team is of utmost importance. These professionals work closely with the celebrity stylist and the rest of the team to translate the desired look into reality. Last but not least, it is the collaboration of the entire team that brings the photoshoot to life. 

Your favourite star who you always like to work with?

Too many to name, but I would go with Diljit Dosanjh who is always open to experimenting and creating out of the box imagery. 

Apart from celebrity shoots, what other photo shoots do you like to do?

Fashion and editorial shoots. Those are the shoots where you’re collaborating with creative teams and shooting imagery with no boundaries. It’s the best time to experiment with your creativity and do what commercial jobs don’t allow you to do. 

Anything that you would like to share with budding photographers?

Keep shooting. Keep inspiring yourself by things around you. Make sure your work stands out from the rest. 

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