Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Twins

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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Twins
Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Twins

Joselin did appear on a couple of episodes of Scrubs, where Judy’s no-nonsense Nurse Carla ruled the roost, but otherwise the Bronx-born actresses have kept to their own projects–most recently P-Valley for Joselin and One Day at a Time and Search Party for Judy.

“It was my twin sister who wanted to be an actress,” Judy told Shondaland in 2018. “She made my mom take her to acting class. My mother got so pissed because she made her go and the man wanted, like, $150 for pictures.”

Neither sibling was bitten by the acting bug just then, with Joselin getting a master’s in social work before heading back in front of the camera and Judy not really sure what she wanted until her later teen years. “But once it just clicked for me there was no turning back,” she told Smashing Interviews Magazine in 2011.

Asked if anyone ever had a hard time telling her and Joselin apart when they were kids, Judy shared, “No, we’re actually fraternal twins. We stopped looking alike in the fifth grade and now as we’re past our fourth decade of existence, we’re starting to look alike again so maybe that will happen yet.” So, they weren’t “that lucky” to be able to play pranks like identical twins could, “but maybe that’s why we became actresses.”

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