Celebrities Who Have Guarded Their Babies’ Names Like a State Secret – SheKnows

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Celebrities Who Have Guarded Their Babies’ Names Like a State Secret – SheKnows

When celebrities like Kaley Cuoco reveal their baby’s face and name right after their born, it feels a little strange. That’s because we are so used to the new trend of celebrities waiting to share every little detail about their new addition. It’s so common, Keke Palmer even made a joke about it in her own baby announcement when her firstborn son Leodis was born. She wrote in part, “‘I’m not hiding the world from my son, I’m hiding my son from the world.’ Hahaha.” She clarified that she was just joking: “I’m just playing, my baby face is on this slide.”

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Whether A-listers do it to protect their privacy, build up suspense, or any other reason, there’s no doubt that it does make us curious. Will Khloe Kardashian wait a full year to reveal her baby boy’s name like her sister Kylie Jenner did? Did Taylor Swift give any hints to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s fourth baby’s name? What did Rihanna and A$AP Rocky name their adorable toddler — and what do they have planned for baby number 2?!

While many celebrities plan to share their baby’s names eventually (*fingers crossed* for Rihanna!), others seem to be holding on to their children’s privacy for as long as possible, like Rachel McAdams, who still hasn’t revealed the name of her son born in 2018 or her daughter born sometime after 2020.

It’s a personal decision whether or not to share details about your baby’s face, name, or anything else, but still… We are impatiently waiting to hear the names of our favorite A-listers’ babies. Keep reading to see celebrities who have waited to share their baby’s name with the world, including some (very valid!) reasons why they did.

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