Celebrities For Raju- Kapu Caste Meetings In USA

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Celebrities For Raju- Kapu Caste Meetings In USA

Indeed, it’s true that there’s a certain division among our American community based on caste, whether we acknowledge it or not.

We have various associations such as ATA, NATA, TANA, NATS and many more, each catering to a specific group.

It’s quite common for these organizations to eagerly bring Telugu celebrities to America after their gatherings.

Some even extend their hospitality to a few individuals from different castes, attempting to promote equality.

Inspired by the associations like ATA and TANA, other caste communities have started following a similar path.

They also make efforts to locate celebrities and leaders from their own caste, offering them free tickets to visit America.

This trend is particularly prevalent in the Telugu film industry, where actors and directors are often provided with complimentary tickets.

The celebrities are also not missing the free-trip opportunity to enjoy American tourism. 

Recently, two prominent caste conventions were held simultaneously in the country, attracting actors, directors, journalists, and even fan association members. It appears that actors and directors from both caste groups hold significant sway.

To name a few, the known faces like Sudheer Varma, Subbaraju etc have come to attend the Raju meeting. 

Saidharam Tej, Dileep Sunkara, PRO Naidu and a leader from Ram Charan fans are part of Kapu meeting in the USA. 

In the end, it seems that one of the quickest routes to visit America is through these caste association gatherings.

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