Cancer to Virgo: 4 Zodiac signs who propose marriage in the dreamiest ways

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Cancer to Virgo: 4 Zodiac signs who propose marriage in the dreamiest ways


Be it a public proposal by the Trevi fountain in Rome that you’ve always fantasized about, or a snowy engagement in the Alps; everyone take their time dreaming of the ultimate proposal. Yet, not everyone has the opportunity to live their dreams when they eventually do get engaged. But there are some zodiac signs who make sure to confess their love in the dreamiest ways making their partners very lucky people indeed. From Cancer to Virgo, here’s a glance at who these zodiac signs are-


The Cancer boyfriend or girlfriend is someone who has mastered the art of wooing their mate. When they let down their guard and do allow themselves to fall for someone, you will be surprised by how cheesy they can get. They are incredibly attentive to their partner’s needs, which means that they would probe their mate and discern exactly how they’d love to be proposed to before rendering an idyllic proposal.


Geminis are people pleasers and this skill serves them best when they propose marriage to their lover using an elaborate plan. This would include roping in your best friend to explain your dream proposal, soliciting your BFF’s aid to pick out the perfect ring etc. They may even stage a coup and ask your friends to bring you to the venue for the proposal so that you’re sufficiently surprised.


As an earth sign that meticulously commits to every endeavor, Virgo takes relationships seriously. When they decide to confess their love for someone, they go out of the way to make that moment perfect in every way. Be it booking the entire restaurant, arranging for a gourmet hillside picnic or even booking an exotic holiday with bae, they will do it all to get you to say yes!


Although they do not come across as romantic individuals, Scorpios spend a lot of time thinking about their wedding and proposing to their mate. While some hope to serenade their beau, others may pop the question at an intimate dinner for two. However, the idea will mainly be Scorpio’s own plan for they seldom stop to consider how their mate might feel about the method of proposal.

scorpio water sign

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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