Cancer to Virgo: 4 Married zodiac signs who check out gorgeous strangers and have a roving eye

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Cancer to Virgo: 4 Married zodiac signs who check out gorgeous strangers and have a roving eye


Stepping into a marriage is the end of an era for a lot of rituals that people enjoy when they are single. For some people, it is the end of casual hook-ups, while others banish dating apps or matrimonial websites from their phones with great joy. Yet, for some, they do not change their inherent nature and continue to find people around them attractive. While this may seem harmless, some of the following zodiac signs take things a bit too far.


An Aries will never fail to notice beauty in any form. Be it someone in their office, a handsome stranger on the metro train or even someone they caught sight of at the mall. They may not resort to physically cheating on their spouse, but they are not beyond harmless texting or flirting with individuals outside of the marriage.


A Leo is known to find the most fitting mate who is blessed with beauty, charm, grace and even intelligence. However, this does not mean that the lion will give his fidelity unconditionally in the marriage. They tend to look for affection from attractive strangers and friends of friends from time to time by indulging in casual affairs.


A Cancer’s insecurities result in them frequently admiring stranger and acquaintances for seeming flawless in every way. Due to this tendency, they often spark a connection with people and the chemistry gets dangerous to the point that they are more than friends. This can be quite a moral dilemma for married Cancerians who do not wish to cheat on their spouse.

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One would assume that being in a loving marriage ensures that a Scorpio does not look beyond the spouse for affection. However, this isn’t true for they have a roving eye. Be it someone they saw at the supermarket’s checkout counter or at a movie theatre, they actively look for attractive strangers and even stalk them sometimes.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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