BTS’ SUGA interviews Agust D ahead of the release of SUGA: Road to D-Day and official solo debut

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BTS’ SUGA interviews Agust D ahead of the release of SUGA: Road to D-Day and official solo debut

SUGA and BTS’s Agust D may seem like two different artists, but they’re actually the same person. SUGA is the name he goes by as a member of BTS, while Agust D is his stage name as a solo artist. Despite their different names, SUGA and Agust D share a passion for music and a unique perspective on the industry.

SUGA and Agust D’s intimate conversation about music

In a recent video, SUGA and Agust D sat down with each other to discuss their perceptions of music. The conversation was candid and intimate as they talked about their experiences and feelings about their craft. They discussed everything from their creative process to the challenges they face in the industry. Disney Plus Korea has released a special video ahead of the April 11 debut of the documentary ‘SUGA: Road to D-Day’. SUGA sat down with Agust D for a session where they were able to interview each other and reveal some of the musical principles they share in the video released that day.

Insights into the minds of SUGA and Agust D

Fans of BTS and Agust D will be excited to hear the insights the two shared in their interview. Both sides of Min Yoongi (BTS’ SUGA’s real name) are known for their unique and innovative approach to music, and their conversation is designed to shed light on how they’ve developed their skills and techniques over time. They also touched on the importance of being true to yourself as an artist and the pressure that comes with being in the public eye.

During the conversation, SUGA asked why Agust D’s music seems more direct and unequivocal. In response, Agust D expressed that he has always been truthful in his music and does not consciously try to make it more transparent. He mentioned that he felt he could express himself more deeply in his solo work compared to his contributions to the band’s music. For Agust D, making music is a natural expression of his identity, and he feels no catharsis from it. However, he uses his music to share his personal experiences and emotions, especially those related to his struggles and traumas. He believes that this allowed him to feel more liberated and had a positive impact on his personal growth and creative development, which was reflected in his subsequent music and albums.

As the conversation continued, SUGA discussed his experience as a music artist and life as an idol. He noted that for popular music, achieving good results and popularity is extremely important. However, he emphasized that he does not limit himself creatively, as evidenced by his many songs with a mature rating. Nevertheless, when he produces music for other artists under his own name, he prioritizes the result and takes into account the popularity of the resulting product.

Overall, the two artists had an open and honest conversation about their perspectives on life as musicians. Their candid talk about music is a must for any BTS or Agust D fan and is sure to inspire and enlighten viewers about the art of music making.

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