Best Fashion Moments in the Knives Out Sequel, Ranked

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Best Fashion Moments in the Knives Out Sequel, Ranked


Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

There have been many highly anticipated movies to have come out in 2022. However, with 2019’s Knives Out continuing to be a very underrated film, its sequel, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, was one to look out for. Glass Onion is centered around the career and mystery-solving skills of Detective Benoit Blanc, played by 007 himself, Daniel Craig. In this installment, Blanc follows a group of old friends as they travel to a remote island for what appeared to be just an extravagant murder mystery party — until things get messy.

Glass Onion itself followed a somewhat similar format in terms of titillating plot twists and turns, overly eccentric characters, and a murder mystery at the center. The cast in this movie not only played their parts to a tee, but they looked fabulous while doing so. This film managed to bring the movie fashion game up a level, and each character had their own unique style to match their unique personality. The setting of a remote island in Greece and a beautifully modern compound is grounds for some jaw-dropping outfits. Here is our ranking of some of the best fashion moments from Netflix’s Glass Onion.


8/8 Cute and Casual


Relatability is one thing. The entire vibe surrounding Peg’s wardrobe? Round of applause! Peg, played by Jessica Henwick, is Birdie’s assistant in Glass Onion, and unlike her loud and obnoxious boss, she functions completely to keep the peace and to keep Birdie’s career intact. Therefore, with so much on her plate, over-the-top fashion is not really her first priority, and it works. Her laid-back wardrobe was a fantastic visual representation of how she is different from the rest of the friend group and encapsulates this kind of Gen Z casual style that could honestly, never go wrong.

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7/8 Doing the Most & Wearing the Least Poolside


Fashion can be anything you want. What we define as fashion can change every day. Well, in this case, maybe less is more! Dave Bautista plays Duke in Glass Onion, an over-confident hunk and activist for men’s rights. (Yes, we, know.) However, this massive flaw in his character does not mean his fashion has to lack. Duke’s most memorable fashion moment happens to be when he is wearing the least amount of clothing possible without having to change this movie’s rating. At the pool, Duke sports a tiny little Speedo equipped with a strategically placed holster to hold his gun. Pretty incredulous if you ask us, but still a memorable moment.

6/8 Anti-Mask Chic?


Birdie, played by Kate Hudson, is one of the most “out-there” characters in Glass Onion. To say she is tone-deaf is an understatement. From her track record of being insensitive to inadvertently using racial slurs to her inability to show empathy toward anything other than her career, it is not surprising to see that Birdie wore a sparkly nude mesh mask on her way to the island. In a time of heightened COVID-19 awareness, her mask choice was insensitive and an eye-sore. However, it was definitely a fashion statement at this point in the movie.

5/8 Rainbow is Your Color


Another Birdie fashion statement was bound to happen in this movie. At the dinner in the Glass Onion, Birdie emerges in a fabulous rainbow dress. The dress was long, had so much movement, and reflected its colors in a spectrum of rainbow hues that you cannot miss when she walks into the room. For a character that constantly desires to be the center of attention, this dress is a fitting choice for her.

4/8 A Matching Set

DanielCriag (1)

A stunning European vacation seems to be an odd environment for Daniel Craig’s Detective Blanc. However, never underestimate a man with a plan. Blanc takes this vacation by storm and not just by his detective skills. Blanc steps out while everyone is lounging by the pool in a blue and white striped ensemble, complete with the cutest little yellow scarf around his neck. Although he keeps his cool, calm, and collected demeanor behind his sunglasses, the pop of color added some much-needed fun and charisma to his character’s overall look.

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3/8 Dressed for the Occasion


Even in popular media today, men’s fashion is often criticized for being mono-tonal, repetitive, and boring. However, we cannot overlook the men’s fashion in Glass Onion. Lionel’s (Leslie Odom Jr.) dinner outfit is definitely a stand-out. That entire sequence of events gave all of us some pretty outstanding fashion moments for the entire cast. However, there was something about that dark green suit and the hat had all of ours drawn in a different direction.

2/8 A Revenge Dress Moment

JanelleMGlassOnion (1)

Fashion came easy for Janelle Monáe’s character in Glass Onion. In almost every scene she was in, she stole with just her outfit alone. They were the perfect mixture of sophisticated, rich, and effortless. When she steps onto the dock in a jaw-dropping dress, the entire cast was left dumbfounded and speechless. It is the perfect revenge dress when you make an unexpected appearance at your husband’s party. All eyes were on her, and for good reason.

1/8 The Power Suit

GlassOnionBrand (1)

Making a statement in your fashion is a great way to get your point across. Janelle Monáe playing Andi Brand had us in a trance. When she walked out in a gorgeous all-white power suit, we knew that she meant business. This outfit was perfect for all the chaos that happens at the climax of Glass Onion. Monáe never disappointed when she was on-screen. However, this suit has to be what we remember most from her character. Also, how did it manage to look even better with blood stains on it?


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