Becky Lynch Comments On If Celebrities In WWE Are A Problem – TJR Wrestling

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Becky Lynch Comments On If Celebrities In WWE Are A Problem – TJR Wrestling

Becky Lynch has opened up on the use of celebrities in WWE and shared her thoughts on how it impacts the current roster.

The use of celebrities has been a constant since the first WrestleMania, with Mr T, Muhammad Ali, and Liberace in Madison Square Garden. But Lynch has warned that the overuse of celebs is leading to frustration for WWE Superstars.

Pamela Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Micky Rourke and Johnny Knoxville, who at last year’s WrestleMania competed against Sami Zayn, are amongst many famous names to appear at WWE’s biggest event of the year.

WWE incorporates big names to help widen the appeal of events, with celebrities and returning legends helping sell tickets, sponsorship, and gain media attention.

Snoop Dogg, Logan Paul, NFL player George Kittle, Bad Bunny were all involved in matches during WrestleMania 39, an event which broke WWE revenue records.

Lynch understands the appeal, but has been discussing how it is leaving WWE Superstars to feel overlooked. As one half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Lynch was involved in a marque match teaming with Hall of Famers Lita and Trish Stratus, to take on Damage Ctrl.

The return of two big stars added further attention to the women’s division, creating a historic moment between two generations of talent.

Speaking with Stephen A. Smith on his Know Mercy podcast, The Man explained how putting celebrities in matches “can be a bit of a problem”.

“That can be a bit of a problem. Personally, and from a work ethic standpoint, that you put all of this effort into this all year round, and when the big shows come, when the big stadiums come, and there’s 80,000 people, you want to receive your flowers for that hard work you’ve been putting in all year round so that we can do this.”

Becky Lynch also spoke about the importance of female fans to WWE, and continued her thoughts on the likes of Logan Paul having a match at Mania, when Superstars working all year round missed out on being part of the Show of Shows in Hollywood.

“We need those people that are wrestling three, four times a week that can carry this, that are thinking about this constantly, that it is their sole focus. We need that, because yes, the Pat McAfee’s of the world or the Logan Paul’s can have three matches a year or one match and we can put a spotlight on them and give them their kudos and their flowers and say, ‘Well done.’ But this business is hard. This business is so hard and it’s tough, and it’s skill and it’s craft, and without those people that know how to do this in the way that we do it, then it will die.”

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