As FBI Season 5 Continues, Star Jeremy Sisto Talks About ‘Nice Change’ From Crossover Event

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As FBI Season 5 Continues, Star Jeremy Sisto Talks About ‘Nice Change’ From Crossover Event

Spring is an exciting time in FBI universe on CBS, although fans undoubtedly had more to enjoy the action of the global crossover event than the characters in FBI, FBI: Most Wantedand FBI: International I did! The crossover brought the three teams together to fight a never-before-seen threat which expanded the boundaries of agents, and almost ended in disaster. However, it also gave Agent Jubal Valentine a break the “old demons” he had to fightand star Jeremy Sisto addressed the “nice change” as the fifth season continues to approach its finale.

The “Imminent Threat” event between the three FBIkicks off with Jeremy Sisto’s Jubal being sent to Rome to join forces with Scott Forrester’s FBI: International Fly Team. In Italy, Jubal ran into the kinds of obstacles that are no problem for him with all his resources at 26 Fed in New York, and the stress didn’t stop after he returned home. But none of the stress it was related to his drinking or even another complication with his son. Speaking to CinemaBlend, Sisto talked about how Jubal deals with a global threat rather than a personal one, saying:

It was kind of nice. This was perhaps the first episode where Jubal had any focus on him that didn’t involve some deeply personal issues. He was there for a job and it never got beyond that. Complications are work, getting work done. Part of that is making sure his team is safe and making sure they’re making the right moves and trying to be the leader he can feel good about. Was good. It was interesting because I’m used to having an intense personal issue if they’re going to give the character some time. It was definitely a nice change.

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