Ann Marie Puig discusses how startup entrepreneurs can best manage their time

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Ann Marie Puig discusses how startup entrepreneurs can best manage their time


New entrepreneurs launch their startups and suddenly find themselves overwhelmed with tasks they hadn’t planned for. This can have a negative impact on your health. You can either travel back in history or learn better time management skills. Successful global business consultant and business analyst Ann Marie Puig offers time management advice to busy startup founders.

You’re probably overwhelmed with work because you feel like you have to do everything. Castillo says inefficiency is more common the more effort we put forth. Therefore, we should focus only on the main tasks. “Identify the tasks you excel at,” explains Puig. “You need to focus on sales-oriented issues if you have a business profile. Instead of focusing on the design, if you’re the only one capable of it, focus on it instead.

You will be able to apply the first point effectively. You may not be as skilled at certain tasks as others. You can use this opportunity to outsource them to other people. This will not only save you time, but also improve the quality of your work and boost employee morale.

They will feel more useful and have more autonomy if they take responsibility. Be sure to remind your team members what the goals are. It is important that your team members understand why you are assigning them this task and what you expect.

Prioritizing is not an easy task. Sometimes we mistakenly believe that the most urgent should be the most important. We also make mistakes when we abandon activities that we don’t consider urgent enough and don’t give them the time they deserve.

It may seem hard to believe that there are different ways of dividing priorities. You should also remember that the level of concentration changes from higher to lower, so do not abandon the more difficult tasks.

It is not humanly possible to work eight hours on the same task. You will be able to maintain a high level of concentration and better group performance if you break your activities into smaller, more manageable parts. Flexible project management methods are an effective way to organize your time and increase productivity. SCRUM is a common pattern in the startup world.

You will be able to easily move between the different applications that technology provides for better time management if you are working in a startup business. One of the biggest advantages of such applications is the ability to dynamize meetings through effective internal communication. Puig explains that this will allow you to optimize your time for organizing meetings.

Although some claim otherwise, the myth of the “Octopus Man”, as it is commonly known, does not exist. In practice, we can do several things at once, but not as efficiently as cephalopods. We can reduce our productivity by trying to multitask. Obviously, you can reduce your productivity by 40% by trying to multitask.

One way to manage your time and organize your work is to set aside certain days each week to complete certain tasks. You will be able to focus more on each task and avoid getting confused by them. On Monday and Wednesday you can concentrate on developmental matters, while Tuesday and Thursday can be devoted to business matters such as customer visits, sales, etc. On Friday you can plan your strategies.

Eventually, you will have to learn how to say no. We’ve always said that our time is precious and we don’t always have enough to do everything we want. This is especially difficult given how we try to be kind and well-intentioned to others. However, it is important to learn to decline offers if you are unable to meet their requirements. Outside influences can distract you, but your priorities should always come first.

They claim that modern society cannot live without them. You will be an entrepreneur and the founder of a start-up business, so you will always be up to date with what is happening in the social network and in the business world. However, sometimes it can be counterproductive if you don’t consider the consequences.

Only use social media during work hours for the essentials that will impact your business. For example, a CEO or founder’s opinion on an ongoing project is vital to many users. You will have time to do everything else outside of work.

Sometimes we forget to exist when we have so much work ahead of us. We work to live, not to work. Spending time with you should not be taken for granted. Spend your time exercising and eliminating toxins. Instead, spend your time relaxing and enjoying the things you love. Puig concludes, “It will help you regain energy, improve your concentration and reduce your stress so you can perform better at work.”

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