Actor Lee Je Hoon Doesn’t Want To Date Female Celebrities — And Netizens Couldn’t Be More Thrilled

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Actor Lee Je Hoon Doesn’t Want To Date Female Celebrities — And Netizens Couldn’t Be More Thrilled

He explained his reasons.

Best known for his performance in the Taxi Driver K-Drama franchise, Lee Je Hoon is one of the most popular actors in South Korea right now.

Lee Je Hoon in “Taxi Driver” | SBS

His irresistible visuals, commendable acting skills, and charming off-screen personality make him the man of everyone’s dreams. In fact, his on-screen chemistry with his female leads has also often led fans to”shipping” him with his co-stars, including Suzy (Architecture 101) and Pyo Ye Jin (Taxi Driver and Taxi Driver 2).


Lee Je Hoon and Pyo Ye Jin in “Taxi Driver” | Hancinema
Lee Je Hoon with Suzy | Hancinema

But unfortunately for those fans, Lee Je Hoon has expressed complete disinterest in dating any of his colleagues from the industry.

The actor appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel called Aglory, where he was joined by multiple hosts, including filmmaker Jang Hang Jun. During one of the conversations, a host revealed that when she reached out to Lee’s close actor-friend Park Jeong Min to get some fun details about his dating life for the interview, Park left her shocked, saying that Lee Je Hoon has always steered clear of anything scandalous.

The second host was taken aback to hear that he is not involved with any woman, joking, “He was born with this face, this body, how could he?” When Lee Je Hoon clarified that he has been in romantic relationships before, the follow-up question from the hosts was if he has ever dated a celebrity.

Lee Je Hoon candidly answered that one of his dating rules is never to get romantically involved with anyone working in the same industry. He explained that if the relationship doesn’t work out, they wouldn’t be able to see each other, which would only cause problems professionally in case they ever have to work together.

Talking about more of his dating standards, the actor revealed that he cannot be around people who don’t have good manners. A respectful attitude toward elders is a must-have quality for him in his ideal partner. He also mentioned that his goal is to meet someone suitable this year and experience dating life more.

This segment from the interview immediately went viral on a Korean community site, where netizens scurried to shoot their shots.

  • “Um… He’s literally describing me.”
  • Hyung, that’s me right there.”
  • “Sigh…I told you not to talk about me…”
  • “I’m gonna start blushing if you keep talking about me like this…”
  • Oppa, here’s your non-celebrity woman.”
  • “Well, gosh dang. Sounds like you’ll have to marry me, a fellow Kia stan.”
  • “Oh my god, oppa, you just need to meet me once, please.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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