Acing summer fashion in style

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Acing summer fashion in style

Think of summer dresses and their are a plethora of Indian designers who are known for making alluring and easy breezy outfits to sail you through the summer days. The sultry and humid weather that we live in demands fluid and light weight fabrics which are equal parts classy and glamorous. We spoke to designer Supria Munjal on her new design vocabulary and what are the styles that she thinks are ideal for the Indian summer.
What is the inspiration behind your collection? Where do you look for creative inspiration for any of your collections?
Our brand was established on two vertical lines namely Indian wear and evening wear. To provide unique individuality and a flavor of exclusivity to our brand, we thought of introducing an international feel and not just create region-centric garments.
Tell us a little about your design process and elements for the collection. How do you mark uniqueness in each piece that you create?
To have global recognition and reach out to a wider section, we designed an evening wear that carried International sensibility. Thereafter we started out with showcasing our collection in Paris with a show called Vendome. In the initial years a buyer recommended an agent in Paris that works with middle eastern clientele. And that’s how we started Paris Fashion week with the MF showroom, with whom we have been working for almost more than 8 years now. The collections that we showcase are for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter which is twice a year. It’s not a runway show but a showroom.
What according to you was the highlight of the showcase?
Looks made for the showcase- Around 28-30 ensembles for each collection. Theme kept in mind- to look from within, to look inside out. We got our inspiration from underwater surfaces.
Out of all international fashion cities, why did you choose Paris for your showcase? Please shed some light on your experience.
For any fashion enthusiasts, Paris has to be on the top of the list. I feel Paris is a city that lives Fashion, it speaks fashion, it dreams fashion, it breathes fashion. To start out my Fashion journey and showcase my evening collection, I suppose Paris was the perfect choice. Also we are stepping into the new vertical soon that would be a Ready to Wear line. While in PEARL, during my 3rd year in college, in 2007, I knew this was my calling and the idea for my own brand rooted from that very moment. I have always been extremely passionate about creating something new. Lots of creative drapes and fabric surfaces done artistically have been Brand’s forte ever since. I started with a tiny cute hand painted home studio. It was in the alley of my house in Delhi. It Initially had one stitching machine, one tiny frame for embroidery and a small desk for the master where we used to sketch, cut and create garments.
Which all international markets do you cater to and how do you say you set an international benchmark with your designs?
On the whole design process includes team efforts. From the inception of the very idea, we tend to research trends and forecast and draw inspiration. Keeping in mind the demographic clientele we tend to design silhouette and color palette that speaks the essence as well the fresh ideas of the techniques incorporated. We really like to work on surface techniques which somehow tends to be our unique element of every collection. The artistic expression through surface design in each style makes it an exclusive collection altogether. International markets that we cater to would be the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, America. We are persistent to set an International benchmark with our Design sensibility, Finishes and fits. I absolutely feel this is what sets the International standard and these are the things one should never compromise on.

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