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8 Tips to avoid being clingy or needy in a relationship

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8 Tips to avoid being clingy or needy in a relationship

Some people in relationships often tend to feel an ebb and flow of feelings toward their partner. There will be times when you need your space and quiet time. But there will also be times when you can’t seem to get enough of your partner. You may be consumed with thoughts of them and may wish to be around them every waking moment. However, even if your crush does reciprocate your feelings, they may feel stifled by such a love. Hence, here are a few tips that can help you avoid coming across as clingy or needy in a relationship.

  1. Avoid accompanying your boo everywhere they go even if they invite you. Turning them down sometimes lets them know that you have your own life and you are happy in it.
  2. Avoid probing them about where they are and who they are with or when they shall return. Such prying questions make you seem too demanding.
  3. Avoid following or stalking their friends on social media just to know or verify your partner’s whereabouts.
  4. Do not be the first to text them all the time, also do not look for subtext in simple matters such as them not responding to your texts quickly enough. Give them time to focus on other people and aspects of their social life.
  5. Never resort to passive aggressive behavior to get them to want you or value you.
  6. Do not assume the worst or presume they are cheating on you if they do not reply or text you for a day.
  7. You may want to lavish your boo with heaps of attention. But do not push away your friends and family members to do so. Isolating yourself from important members of your social life is never a good idea even if you wish to spend most of your time with your partner.
  8. Do not exhibit signs of jealously when they speak of their co-workers or pals.

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Above all, remember that a relationship is a two-way street, so you shouldn’t be compromising on your happiness or peace just for a few more moments with them. Focus on other aspects of your life to strike the perfect balance.

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