6 US Celebrities Groups That Have Stakes In European Football Clubs

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6 US Celebrities Groups That Have Stakes In European Football Clubs


  • The investment of American celebrities in European football clubs represents a cultural shift where entertainment, sports, and business are becoming increasingly interconnected.
  • These celebrities are not just passive investors, but active participants in their clubs, injecting their perspectives, creativity, and global appeal.
  • The involvement of American celebrities in European football symbolizes the global nature of the sport, transcending geographical and cultural barriers, and bridging two worlds that share themes of excellence, creativity, and community.



The fusion of the worlds of sports and entertainment has always been a compelling one.

But in recent years, it has taken an unexpected twist. American celebrities, known for their achievements in fields ranging from cinema to music to professional sports, have been casting their eyes across the Atlantic to the illustrious football clubs of Europe.

Football, or soccer as it’s known in the United States, is a sport that commands the attention and devotion of fans across the globe. Its rich history, cultural significance, and competitive nature have made it a beloved pastime for millions. European football, in particular, has been a vanguard of the sport, home to legendary clubs and some of the most skilled players in the world.

As the sport’s popularity continues to rise, so does its appeal to investors. Owning a football club has become a mark of prestige and a business opportunity. The allure has caught the attention of businessmen, former players, and a growing list of American celebrities. They are not merely attracted to the potential financial gains but also the cultural richness, global reach, and unifying power of the sport.

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This trend is more than a curiosity; it’s a reflection of a broader cultural shift where the boundaries between entertainment, sports, and business are becoming increasingly blurred. The involvement of American celebrities in European football symbolises a new level of global connections. It’s an exchange of ideas, values, and aspirations that transcends geographical and cultural barriers.

The investment by these celebrities isn’t limited to passive financial contributions. Many have taken active roles in their respective clubs, injecting their unique perspectives, creativity, and global appeal. Whether it’s attending matches, engaging with fans, or participating in strategic decisions, they are redefining what it means to be a football club owner.

The answer isn’t straightforward. Some are lifelong fans of the sport, while others see untapped potential in clubs with rich histories and passionate fanbases. Others are motivated by the opportunity to bridge cultural divides and create a platform for social change. They recognise the universal language of football and its capacity to unite people around shared passions and ideals.

The celebrity investments also highlight a broader phenomenon of the sport’s globalisation. Football is no longer confined to local pitches and neighbourhood rivalries. It’s a global spectacle, a stage where cultures, ideologies, and economies meet. The infusion of Hollywood glamour into European football is emblematic of this transformation. It adds a new layer of intrigue, a touch of the unexpected, and a bridge between two worlds that, although different, share underlying themes of excellence, creativity, and community.

From the rumble of the stadiums to the glitter of the red carpet, the convergence of these worlds is an exciting development in the ever-evolving landscape of sports and entertainment. This article explores the journeys of American celebrities who have embarked on this unique adventure, investing in European football clubs and forging a new path in the beautiful game.

LeBron James – Liverpool

LeBron James at Anfield.

LeBron James, a name synonymous with basketball excellence, extended his influence to European football in 2011 by acquiring a minority stake in Liverpool.

His collaboration with Fenway Sports Group signified a union of sports and business acumen. Since his investment, Liverpool’s profile has soared, with LeBron’s active engagement with the club and fans adding a new dimension. His belief in the club’s potential and the shared vision for success epitomises the unique connection between American stars and European football.

James’ investment has played a small, but important part, in Liverpool’s huge recent success in the transfer market – which has ultimately seen the football club win every trophy they can possibly win over the space of five years.

Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney – Wrexham AFC

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney at Wrexham

In a surprising and unconventional move that has drawn the attention of football fans around the globe, Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over the English lower-league club Wrexham. This isn’t just a simple investment or publicity stunt; their commitment to reinvigorating the club has turned heads worldwide.

The takeover, which was announced in late 2020, brought a fresh and exciting approach to Wrexham. The actors were transparent about their intentions to not only boost the performance of the team on the pitch – but also investing in infrastructure and the local community.

Reynolds and McElhenney immediately pledged funds towards enhancing player facilities, improving stadium amenities, and broadening community outreach programs. This displayed a clear commitment to creating a holistic development strategy that integrates the football club with the broader Wrexham community.

What sets this ownership apart is the duo’s charismatic and approachable style, characterised by their open and humorous communication with supporters. Regular updates on social media, interactive Q&A sessions, and even some behind-the-scenes glimpses into their strategic planning have allowed fans to feel involved in the new era of the club.

Moreover, they have established a firm connection with the local community by investing in youth development programs and social initiatives aimed at improving life in Wrexham. This shows their dedication not only to the club but to the entire region.

Reynolds and McElhenney’s vision for Wrexham extends far beyond football. Their plan encompasses a strategy to make Wrexham a hub for community growth, entertainment, and social impact.

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Tom Brady – Birmingham City

Tom Brady

The latest addition to this list is Tom Brady’s minority investment in Birmingham City in August 2023.

Not a lot is known about why the seven-time Superbowl winner has made the jump across the pond – with BBC Sport reporting that he came on board as a “minority owner.” His passion for the sport and his leadership in the development of youth talent are tangible proof of his commitment. The idea appears to be that Brady’s active involvement, global appeal, and winning mentality will elevate Birmingham City’s profile and push the Blues back into the Premier League.

His hands-on approach symbolises innovation, ambition, and excellence, embracing the future of European football with a visionary perspective. Time will tell whether any of this will come to fruition. Nevertheless, it is an announcement that the St Andrews faithful can get behind.

Russell Westbrook, T.J. McConnell, Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Spieth, and Justin Thomas – Leeds United

General image of Elland Road from the corner flag.

In a groundbreaking partnership, NBA stars Russell Westbrook, T.J. McConnell, and Larry Nance Jr., along with professional golfers Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, have come together to invest in Leeds United.

Their collective passion for football and their collaborative approach to ownership signifies a new era for the club. Each brings a unique perspective, from Westbrook’s intensity to Spieth’s strategic thinking, combining to shape the club’s future. Their involvement is more than financial; it’s a commitment to excellence and innovation that reflects the changing face of European football.

Leeds United’s alliance with these athletes represents a novel fusion of sports cultures, promising a future filled with energy, creativity, and ambition. Marching On Together, literally.

Michael B. Jordan – AFC Bournemouth

Michael B. Jordan, Minority Shareholder of AFC Bournemouth, wears a AFC Bournemouth scarf as they look on from a hospitality box prior to the Premier League match between AFC Bournemouth and Crystal Palace at Vitality Stadium on December 31, 2022 in Bournemouth, England

Acclaimed actor Michael B. Jordan’s investment in Bournemouth has brought a touch of Hollywood to the English club.

Known for his roles in films like “Creed” and “Black Panther,” Jordan’s passion for football led him to take a stake in the Cherries. His commitment to the club has been evident in his presence at games and his active role in promoting the Cherries to a wider audience. Jordan’s involvement symbolises a fresh perspective on club ownership, reflecting the growing appeal of European football to American celebrities.

His connection with Bournemouth promises to be a fruitful partnership that embodies the fusion of entertainment and sports excellence.

LeBron James and Drake – AC Milan

San Siro, home of AC MIlan and Inter.

Basketball superstar LeBron James and Canadian rapper Drake made headlines with their investment in the historic Italian club AC Milan.

Their collaboration with the club signifies a powerful alliance between music, sports, and business. James, already known for his investment in Liverpool, extended his reach into Serie A, driven by his love for the sport and vision for global impact. Drake’s involvement adds a musical dimension, enhancing the Rossoneri’s appeal to a younger, diverse audience.

Their partnership with the red half of Milan is emblematic of the dynamic intersections between culture, entertainment, and European football. The duo’s investment illustrates how football transcends boundaries, fostering connections that are as creative as they are influential.

The infusion of Hollywood fame into European football is transforming the landscape of the sport. American celebrities are demonstrating that their investment in football clubs extends beyond mere financial transactions. They are actively engaged in the life of the clubs, sharing their insights, experiences, and values.

From LeBron James’s commitment to Liverpool to Tom Brady’s innovative partnership with Birmingham City, each celebrity investor brings a unique and influential perspective to their respective clubs. They are not just contributing financially; they are fostering cultural exchanges, enhancing global appeal, and championing new visions for the clubs they are associated with.

This trend reflects the growing interconnectivity between sports, entertainment, and business. It illustrates how football is more than just a game; it’s a platform for cultural expression, social engagement, and commercial innovation.

As the line between entertainment and sport continues to blur, the world of European football is opening up to new possibilities and exciting collaborations. The involvement of American celebrities in European football clubs signifies a dynamic evolution that is redefining traditional boundaries and setting the stage for an exhilarating new era in the sport. The game, as they say, is indeed beautiful, and it continues to captivate in unexpected and fascinating ways.

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