50 Celebrities Who Never Married, Yet Still Found Love

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50 Celebrities Who Never Married, Yet Still Found Love


Some people just aren’t cut out for marriage. And we don’t mean they’d do badly committing to the loves of their lives, not at all! All we mean is that some people might not want to commit to societal norms and might prefer to express their love in the way they want to instead, which is absolutely commendable. Others might not have good marriage examples in their families, and that might be what stops them from committing to their own partners. Either way, not saying the iconic “I do” can be just as romantic as a grand celebration itself. And, if you are one of these non-marrying people, you might find it refreshing that there are plenty of folks just like you, even among famous actors and Hollywood celebrities! Although it seems most of them might be changing marriages as often as socks, here’s our list of celebrities who never married and probably never will at this point. 

In this list of celebrities who have never been married, you’ll definitely find some bona fide heartthrobs who you might’ve thought of as having been married at least a couple of times now. There’s Hugh Grant, who must’ve married at least half a hundred times on screen. Maybe that’s why he chose not to in real life. Then, there’s Kylie Minogue, a pure icon in the dance-pop scene and in life. And let’s not forget Al Pacino, Winona Ryder, Sheryl Crow… The list of famous celebrities who never married goes on and on! So, if you were looking for like-minded people among famous people or were just curious to learn about Hollywood’s singles, this is your ultimate list right here. 

So, ready to meet unmarried celebrities? If yes, you should take the proceeding actions in this order: Scroll down below until you reach the submissions, read about the famous actors and celebrities who never married, and show your favorite singles some love by giving them your votes! 

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