5 Secrets to have a smile like a celebrity : Bollywood News

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5 Secrets to have a smile like a celebrity : Bollywood News

Our daily habits, such as our diet and daily hygiene, when done incorrectly, can leave our teeth ugly, worn out, stained or even weak. For this, it is necessary to make some corrections in our daily lives and in the way we take care of ourselves, thus allowing smiles to gain strength and beauty again, increase our confidence and make us much more presentable and beautiful in all situations. After all, everyone dreams of a white, healthy and beautiful smile!


5 Secrets to have a smile like a celebrity




Many times, when we face our smiles, we are not completely satisfied and ask ourselves: how to have a Bollywood smile? Here are some tips that can help you follow this path, prepared by those who know the most about beautiful smiles — professionals in the field of health and dental aesthetics.


These tips will help to keep your teeth more beautiful and resistant in your own daily life.


1. Avoid some drinks


The first step to having a more attractive smile is to avoid excessive consumption of certain drinks. Soda, coffee, and various juices and drinks can darken your teeth, leaving them looking yellow.


When consuming one of these items, give preference to the use of a straw, preventing the liquid from lingering on the teeth, and thus leaving them darkened and stained.


Because of the corrosive and possibly acidic components found in these liquids, another important tip is, whenever possible, to rinse your mouth with water after drinking these liquids, cleaning any remnants that may have stuck to your teeth.


2. Oral rehabilitation may be an option


When visiting your dentist or professional of choice, ask about options such as Porcelain Veneers, Dental Contact Lens, Orthodontics and Dental Implants. These procedures make up Oral Rehabilitation, and were created to solve even the most intense and chronic problems, recovering your beauty and your smile with great effectiveness and excellent results!


Porcelain laminates


Porcelain veneers and contact lenses come in here, procedures that are often used by famous people. In addition to making the smile much more attractive, these are minimally invasive treatments that consist of bonding superfine laminates to the outside of the teeth. With this, it is possible to treat diastemas, fractured, rotated or chipped teeth, with different sizes or changes in tooth colour.


Orthodontic treatment


Aimed at people with misaligned teeth, it is a great way to achieve a perfect, aligned smile and even avoid bite problems, including correcting breathing and speech. With the advancement of orthodontics and technologies, nowadays there are several models of braces, such as metal, ceramic or Invisalign i7 and that still provide excellent results.


Dental implants


Whether due to bone wear, poor hygiene or loss caused by an accident, dental implants are a great way to get back your old beautiful smile. They are made in such a way that they are fixed in place of the missing tooth, in addition to improving the smile, correcting chewing.


3. Tooth whitening


After following the first tips, to have an artist’s smile, you can also have teeth whitening. There are several possible techniques, from toothpastes that really have whitening action to home treatments or even at the dentist.


Of the at-home teeth whitening products, the products are often quite affordable, even if their results are limited.


For professional and long-lasting whitening, it is always recommended that you consult a specialist you trust, as whitening will result in the return of the natural colour of your teeth. The result lasts around two years, and may vary depending on the care and hygiene habits of the patient.


Quick and painless, this is one of the easiest ways to achieve an excellent result. Therefore, always look for a dental professional who will help you achieve your goals with ease and guarantee.


4. Consume Vitamin C


Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is extremely necessary for the proper functioning of the organism, and it would not be different with the teeth – more specifically, in the gums. Since it is an element related to collagen production, iron absorption and improves the body’s immune response, vitamin C ends up acting on the good structure of the gums and, consequently, on the health of the teeth.


The antioxidant can be found naturally, in various fruits, such as strawberries, lemons and oranges, in addition to being able to replace it through effervescent or capsules. But attention: it must be preceded by medical follow-up.


Therefore, to keep your gums healthy, it is important to consume enough Vitamin C in your diet, to keep not only our skin healthy, but also to help you have a healthy and presentable oral health.


5. Toothbrush and toothpaste ideal for you


The fact is that there are a lot of creams and toothbrushes on the market. This is mainly due to individual needs, customer requirements and competition. Therefore, regardless of brand or model, there will always be a product that will best fit your needs.


Choosing a brush with the right bristles and a cream with the ideal characteristics for your goal are essential for you to achieve it. Whether it’s to keep your breath better and protect yourself from cavities, or it’s to help with teeth whitening or to treat gum inflammation, you need to take the time to see which product is best for your case — and your dentist can help you in that opinion.


With the right toothbrush and toothpaste for you, remember to always maintain proper brushing and eating habits. Only then will you guarantee a much more lasting and attractive smile.




In addition to all these tips, keep in mind that you always need to stay well hydrated, which reflects on your lips. It doesn’t matter if the teeth are all perfect and aligned if the lips are unkempt and look dull or cracked. Having a completely healthy and beautiful mouth makes all the difference in how you look, so be sure to drink plenty of water and use cocoa butter every day.


Also remember that visiting your trusted dentist regularly helps prevent deeper problems, allowing them to be resolved early and preventing your teeth from going through wear, corrosion or problems that leave them weakened.

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