5 important things to keep in mind when buying jewellery online | Fashion Trends

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5 important things to keep in mind when buying jewellery online | Fashion Trends

With the convenience of online shopping, buying jewellery has become easier than ever before. The online jewellery business has grown significantly due to the comfort and ease of online shopping. For many customers, purchasing jewellery online is appealing due to the simplicity of access, variety of designs, and affordable prices. In addition, the younger generation, especially those between the ages of 16 and 30, prefers purchasing jewellery online rather than going to a store, taking advantage of internet services, quick digital payment choices, and the ease of shopping from home. Furthermore, young buyers are often drawn to affordable pricing and lightweight, minimalistic jewellery designs like solitaires commonly sold online. (Also read: Fashion tips: Fun and creative ideas to style your jewellery for memorable date night )

Jewellery is one of the most cherished possessions for many people, and with the advent of online shopping, it has become easier to buy jewellery from the comfort of our homes. (Unsplash)

Sumit Dassani, Partner, Dassani Brothers, shared with HT Lifestyle, some important things to remember when purchasing jewellery online for a safe and satisfactory experience.

Things to keep in mind when buying jewellery online:

1. Check the website’s credibility before making any purchase; it shouldn’t be by an anonymous blogger but by a trustable brand with an authentic background. Research the brand’s history and reputation, read reviews from previous customers, and check if the website has a secure payment gateway.

2. Paying attention to the jewellery details you want to purchase online is also essential. Look at the product images carefully and read the product description thoroughly. If required, ask for more pictures or videos of the jewellery to understand better the product’s design, quality, and overall appearance.

3. Ensure that the brand is not overcharging you for the jewellery and that you get it at a genuine price. Also, check the payment options and prices on other renowned websites for the best price.

4. Check the buyback guarantee of the jewellery and ensure it’s certified or non-certified to avoid any scams.

5. Finally, ensure that the website has a clear return and exchange policy if the jewellery does not meet your expectations or if there is any damage during shipping. Always keep the invoice and receipt of the purchase, as it will be required in case of a return or exchange.

“Buying jewellery online can offer convenience and access to distinctive designs, especially for lightweight and gifting jewellery. However, it’s important to consider the credibility of the website and brand, the pricing, and the jewellery details. Buyers should also understand the type of jewellery they want to purchase, whether it’s suitable for online shopping or if it’s better to visit a brick-and- mortar store. Hence, buyers can ensure a secure and positive online jewellery shopping experience by considering these factors,” concludes Sumit.

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