40 Unique Photo Gifts for 2022

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40 Unique Photo Gifts for 2022


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When it comes to buying gifts, there are always a few people on your list who are impossible to shop for. Either you have no idea what they’re into, or they’re the type of person who buys themselves everything they want (I love this energy, but plz, it makes buying gifts so hard). And then, even when you find something that’s perfect for them, you’re like, Wait, do they already have this?! But one thing you can’t go wrong with is a cool photo gift that’s both sweet and sentimental. You can be pretty sure that it’s something they don’t already have, AND you know it’s something that they’ll appreciate. I mean, who doesn’t like receiving a gift with a cute photo of their favorite people (and/or pets)??

A thoughtful photo gift takes a little bit of planning, so start prepping now if you have to collect pics from your friend group or your family! Once you’ve got the photos all picked out, you’re ready to order anything from a cozy throw blanket with your favorite family pictures to a goofy golf ball covered with pictures of their dog (yes, that’s a thing).

If it’s been an especially big year for anyone in your life — like if they moved to a new city, traveled a bunch, got married, or had a baby, you get the idea — then these keepsake photo gifts will be an especially nice thing for them to look back on in the future. Anyway, let me wipe my tears away and show you these 40 thoughtful photo gifts that will win you alllllll the points with your loved ones.

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a luxe photo book

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book

There’s truly nothing as timeless as a photo book. This one is super high quality with its durable hardcover and fabric binding. It comes in six different sizes, and 11 fabric colors—and you have the choice between recycled matte or lustre paper. You’ll have so much fun putting this together!


a personalized phone case

Custom Photo Design Case

They can take their memories with them wherever they go with this custom phone case that you can deck out with pictures of them and their loved ones.


a fun bag of candy

Personalizable M&M’S Bulk Candy

Who wouldn’t absolutely love lil M&M’s with their face on ’em?? (Hint: The answer is one.)


a cute jigsaw puzzle you can personalize

ZiggyStores Customized Picture Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’ve been trying to think of a creative and thoughtful gift for your partner, I suggest getting them a customized jigsaw puzzle printed with a picture of the two of you. Build it together for an even more romantic moment. <3


an adorable photo cube

Scripted Best Mom Photo Cube

My best friend got this for me as a gift when I got my first big girl job with my face covering almost every square and a “congrats” message on one of them. Let me tell ya: I smiled from ear to ear when I saw this. Even though it’s simple and tiny, this smol picture box will 100 percent warm their heart. Trust.


a top-rated statuette

Mpix Statuettes

If you know someone who loves to decorate their home with sentimental decor, they’ll gush over this statuette made out of E-surface paper.


a ring you can make their own

Ideacreater Personalized Laser Engraved Ring

Make that promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding ring extra special by getting it engraved with a picture of you and your bae.


a custom pet pillow

MyPersonalizedLight Custom Pet Pillow

That person in your life who’s totally obsessed with their pet will be so happy to receive one of these personalized pillows. I guarantee it.


a special polaroid and frame

TheGiftStudioCompany Polaroid Photo Block

Presenting: A fantastic engagement gift that’s original and very affordable. I gave this to my BFF and her fiancé soon after they got engaged and they loved it. From the retro polaroid to the engraved wooden block, it’s a gift that will hold so much meaning for a lifetime.


a cool car air freshener

ZazzleFamilyShop Custom Two-Sided Photo Car Air Freshener

What’s better than a regular shmegular car air freshener? One that’s got a personalized photo of them with their friend, family, or S.O. Clever, huh?


some pretty wind chimes

Photo Personalized Wind Chimes

Zhuzh up their outdoor space with these personalizable wind chimes.


this ~special~ box of pop-tarts

Pop-Tarts® Personalized Photo-On-A-Box

A box of Pop-Tarts with a personalized message and a picture of them will have them freaking the frick out…in the best way possible.


A Sweet Ornament

Personalized Photo Christmas Ornament

Okay, this is cute. You can upload a photo of your choice (and text, if you want) on this ornament. And at $15, this is basically the perfect gift for anyone in your life.


This High-Tech Frame

Digital Picture Frame

Instead of giving them a framed photo (again), go high-tech this year with a digital photo frame. You can literally email your photos to the frame and they’ll appear immediately. So even if you’re far away, you can send a cute pic to the frame and it’ll appear. And then, they can “heart” the photo and you’ll get an email notification. How cool is that?


A Film-Inspired Keychain

Memory Film Keychain

This retro-inspired keychain is custom-made using your photos. You can add up to 10 cute pics, turning the keychain into your own little highlight reel.


These Polaroid Displays

Personalized Photo Print Plaque

These Polaroid-inspired photo plaques will be a hit with everyone, from your teen cousins to your grandparents. Hear that? It’s the sound of you winning at gift-giving.


This Modern Locket

Hexagon Locket Pendant Necklace

A locket is kind of the original photo gift, tbh. With this modern hexagon locket, they can always keep you close to their heart (corny, but true).


These Soft Light Clips

Photo Clip String Lights

For your friend whose apartment aesthetic is just so ~cozy,~ these string light photo clips are perfect. It even comes with a little remote so they can control the brightness and the light pattern.


A Fill-In Photo Map

Personalized USA Photo Map


This Customized Graphic Family Portrait

Custom Graphic Portraits

For a fresh take on the classic family portrait, you can send in one of your favorite family photos, and get back a customized colorful illustration.


These Sweet Cookies

Photo Cookies

Fresh-baked sugar cookies with custom photos on them??? Say less.


A (Photo) Message in a Bottle

Photo Message in a Bottle

Cue all the awww‘s! This shop will print a photo strip of your pictures with a personal message on the back and put it in this dainty little bottle for you to give to your bestie.


A Family Photo Cube

Photo Cube

Stumped on what to get grandma this year? I got you. You can fill up these acrylic photo cubes with pics of the whole fam, and she’ll totally love it.


A Pair of Funny Socks

Custom Faces Socks

Let’s be real, your goofball brother would totally wear socks with his own face on them.


These Cutout Magnets

Die-Cut Photo Magnets

Take fridge photos to the next level with these custom die-cut photo magnets as stocking stuffers this year.


A Unique Photo Necklace

Projection Photo Necklace

This shop will print your photo on this teeny-tiny charm and then you can project the photo onto a wall using your phone light (or you can open the camera on your phone and bring the “projection stone” up close to look at it).


A Line-Drawn Photo Lamp

Personalized Photo Lamp

Give your partner’s WFH setup a cozy touch with this custom-made lamp designed using your fave photo you two together.


This Sleek Wall Calendar

Photo Wall Calendar

This minimalist photo calendar would make such a sweet addition to any home office.


A Cozy Throw Blanket

Personalized Throw Blanket

When you aren’t around to cuddle with them, they can snuggle up with this personalized photo fleece blanket. It’s totally customizable: you can add anywhere from one to nine photos, your own text, and pick your favorite color.


These Custom Golf Balls

Photo Golf Balls

This custom photo golf ball set with a picture of the family dog is sure to be a hole-in-one (sorry, I had to).


A Retro Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Okay, dad will definitely get a kick out of this. You can pull together photos of your favorite family memories and add them to this reel, and then he can look at them in this retro-inspired viewer.


A Fluffy Photo Pillow

Wintery Flurry Photo Pillow

Your mom would LOVE this personalized throw pillow with a cute photo of the whole fam.


These Precious Cufflinks

Engraved Locket Cufflinks

If your person doesn’t wear jewelry, but *does* wear cufflinks, there’s an option for them, too. You can pop photos into these cufflinks just like you would a locket.


This Personalized Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Photo Water Bottle

Help your bestie stay hydrated with a personalized water bottle that has pictures of her fave person (that’s you, of course).


This Little Book

Personalized Leather Photo Keychain Book

You know how your dad keeps pictures of the fam in his wallet? Give him an upgrade with this little leather keychain photo book so he can show you all off in style.


This Photo Candle

Photo Candle

I kind of think candles are the perfect gift, so if someone gave me a candle with a personal photo on it, I’d be *so* happy. This one from Shutterfly has scent options for fireside spice, grapefruit blossom, and ocean breeze (but you can also get an unscented version, fyi).


An Explosion of Photos

Photo Explosion Box

Okay, crafty people, it’s your time to shine. This photo explosion gift box lets you tape your own photos into the folds and decorate them with stickers. It all folds together, and when your recipient opens the gift, the whole photo display fans out. There’s a little spot in the middle where you could put a small gift, but the box itself is cool enough to be a gift all on its own.


This Elegant Photo Art

Cropped Cheer

This customized photo art would be such a thoughtful gift for a friend, or it could be a sweet addition to your home.


This Handy Travel Mug

Travel Mug

For your friend or relative who’s always dashing from one place to another, this travel mug is a sweet AND super useful gift.


This Photo-Cover Notebook

Photo Notebook

For the person who’s always reaching for a notebook to write down their deepest thoughts (or their grocery list, whatever). Even once all the pages are filled up, they’ll want to hang onto this.

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