3 Indian fashion-tech entrepreneurs you need to know | Vogue India

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3 Indian fashion-tech entrepreneurs you need to know | Vogue India


Changing palettes, new formats of retail and evolving gen-z and millennial values can only mean one thing — the evolution of shopping as we know it. Vogue chats with the new wave of Indian fashion-tech entrepreneurs that are on a mission to build businesses that are planet-friendly, community-first and tech-enabled.

Eshita Kabra, Founder, By Rotation

If you’ve spotted this season’s bags on several cool girls in London, they’re likely loyal consumers of By Rotation, or proud ‘rotators’ as they’d call themselves. Founded in 2019, and recently the recipient of a $3M seed Funding, By Rotation’s Eshita Kabra is laser focused on scaling. By Rotation is a leading social fashion rental app in the UK –– and globally, eventually –– that is changing the way we consume fashion by enabling the sharing of wardrobes. With their core values grounded in sustainability and community, the users are making conscious choices for their wallet, their wardrobes and the planet.

On why she started By Rotation

After researching the global fashion rental landscape and discovering the impacts of textile waste in her homeland of Rajasthan in India, Kabra set out to create a self-sustaining community of fashion lovers who could rotate what they owned with each other. “Community is at the heart of By Rotation and we love watching it grow. As the app is peer to peer, there would be no By Rotation without our loyal and supportive community who are constantly sharing, rotating and listing their wardrobes.”

On how By Rotation is different from other models in the rental space

“We are a purely digital P2P platform and very tech-first fashion rental app, having invested considerably in our technology which has solid in-house expertise in machine learning and development. The beauty of this is the ability to speak directly to other fashion aficionados about their items, discuss the sizing and fit, and being able to follow them and keep up to date with their newest listings.”

On By Rotation’s ultimate goal in the coming years

“Taking By Rotation global and becoming a household name for sharing fashion. We’d love to have local communities in every corner of the world, and enable them to self-sufficiently rotate their wardrobes amongst each other.”

Neha Celly, Founder, Nece Gene


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