3 celebrities bought houses next to Vijay s house.. ?

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3 celebrities bought houses next to Vijay s house.. ?

3 celebrities bought houses next to Vijay’s house..!?
Thalapathy Vijay, who is the king of the kollywood film industry, has bought a house in Ariyapuram, and three celebrities have bought a house near his house and in the same apartment. Thalapathy Vijay is a top actor in tamil cinema. As he has lakhs of fans in the tamil film industry, he also has many fans in telugu, malayalam, and kannada languages. Due to this, recently, his films have been released in other languages and are getting a good response. It is noteworthy that Vijay’s last film ‘Varisu’ was released in both tamil and telugu languages. In this situation, it was reported that Thalapathy Vijay bought a huge apartment in Ariyapuram, chennai for a huge amount. After hearing the news about his house purchase, three celebrities have bought houses in his apartment and close to where his apartment is located.
An actor’s name is also on the list of buyers of this house. He is none other than Dulquer Salmaan, the son of famous actor mammootty who is a leading actor in the malayalam film world. He has bought an existing house in the same apartment where Thalapathy Vijay bought a house. The house is said to be worth around 30 crores, which is almost 9000 square feet. Perhaps if we buy a house next to Vijay’s office, we are hoping that the eyes of big directors will fall on us. This is because even though he acted in his production in Vijay Master, Thalapathy was not interested in acting in his production after this film. It is said that he bought a house like this and bought it with the idea of making a film with Vijay again if he catches sight of him. Similarly, a famous cricketer is also on this list. Cricketer Ashwin has bought a house in Vijay’s apartment. As Ashwin is said to be an ardent fan of Vijay, would he pass it up if he got an opportunity to buy a house in the same apartment where Thalapathy’s office is located? He bought it by spending crores of money. It is all right to buy a house in Thalapathy Apartment.. but the reasons for this are falling somewhere, the netizens are giving a surprised reaction with some kind of confusion.

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