World Book Day EXCLUSIVE: Sudhaa Chandran reveals how reading influenced & inspired her to live a better life

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World Book Day EXCLUSIVE: Sudhaa Chandran reveals how reading influenced & inspired her to live a better life


Every year April 23 is celebrated as World Book Day or International Day of the Book, or World Book and Copyright Day. Actor Sudhaa Chandran is a bookworm and reveals how she developed the habit of reading. The Naagin 6 actress shares that her father, late actor KD Chandran, inculcated the habit of reading in her. Sudhaa says, “My dad was a deputy library director and worked for the American Library for almost 45 years. I understand the impact and the importance of reading books. And coming from Kerala, there is a saying that Keralites would skip a meal but will still continue to read a book. So that is the importance we give to reading.”

Sudhaa further shares how books have influenced and inspired her to live a better life. The book that has influenced her a lot is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. She says, “Reading this book took me to a very different league and that is when I understood that whenever you talk to nature, whenever you actually ask the universe, the universe answers back. It also made me realize that there is no point talking amongst ourselves. It’s very important to talk to the universe and say that this is what I want, this is my secret, this is what I cherish and so on. With a very sincere mind when you ask the universe, it answers back in a very positive way.”

The actress further applauds an organization in Jaipur that has started reading exercises for the people. She hopes everyone gets back to reading and doesn’t just stay busy on their phones. She says, “I recently went to Raipur. An organization there has started a beautiful initiative. They have this reading exercise, where in the evenings, some people have been employed who read out to you and you can listen with rapt attention to what they are reading. So that is how you go back to reading books. This is a very important step and I did praise their effort when I met them at this event. I think everyone should take inspiration from this initiative. We all should read books.”

World Book Day is a very important event across the globe that creates awareness around the habit of reading and also draws attention to book publishing and copyright.

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