Women’s Interviews | Interview questions

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Women’s Interviews | Interview questions
Women’s Interviews | Interview questions


A woman’s identity is not tied to her father or husband. Read on.

It’s 2022 and employers still ask humiliating and intrusive questions while interviewing a woman. Such an approach reflects how a firm categorizes its female workforce into assets and liabilities. Therefore, we believe that employers and HR should refrain from asking female interviewees the following questions.

Will your spouse or family agree to you working late or traveling on business?

When an employer asks a woman this question, he deprives her of the autonomy to decide for herself. She is financially independent and can choose to work late or go on business trips. On the other hand, men are not asked this question because companies assume that their work comes before their families.

Are you planning a family/have children?

Why would an organization need this information? He concludes whether a woman would handle the job and the responsibilities that come with it. Also, whether a woman plans a family or not is nobody’s business. This is a personal choice that does not speak to her talent, work experience and education.

Do you live alone?

Whether a woman lives alone or with family and friends has nothing to do with how she takes on the job. The answer to this question certainly cannot justify her annual package.

How will you balance family and work?

Having a family does not mean that a woman would not devote her attention to work. When she is asked this question, he downplays her experience and talent to the fact that she has a functioning home. Women know how to balance work and personal life. Also, men are equally responsible for their families, but they are never asked this question.

Are you planning to get married?

Just like asking about family planning, questions about marriage also intervene. Whether a woman is single or married will not affect her ability to take on the job and achieve her goals.

Her marital status does not reflect on her qualifications, but her work experience. Just as a man’s marital status will not affect whether he will prove to be an asset to the company, the same logic applies to women.

What is your husband/father’s occupation?

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When an employer asks a woman this question, it seems to be saying that her identity is tied to the man in the house. Her father or husband’s job doesn’t bring anything to the table, but her talent and educational qualifications do. The question belittles all the efforts she has made so far.

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We may transfer you, how will your spouse/family cope?

When an employer asks a woman this question, he is denying her the right to make a decision. This puts her in a situation where she has to choose between her career or her family. A working woman is independent enough to make a decision about her relocation or the next step in her job.

She does not need permission from family, father or husband. On the other hand, organizations accept that it is okay for a person to leave his family behind and be moved to a new place, without any conditions.

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What if your spouse moves to another location?

Asking this question to a woman means that she would follow her husband to another part of the world without considering her work. It also implies that her career is inferior to that of her husband.

An organization must judge an employee based on her education and work qualifications. Their marital status, family planning, spouse’s work and living situation do not play a role in deciding whether they fit the job description. She is independent enough to make decisions about her life. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such stories.

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