‘Wo darr nahi hona chaiye ki kaha ja rahe hai kya kar rahe hai …’

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‘Wo darr nahi hona chaiye ki kaha ja rahe hai kya kar rahe hai …’
‘Wo darr nahi hona chaiye ki kaha ja rahe hai kya kar rahe hai …’


Shaan on Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti and more

Singer Shaan has taken on the role of a host for his friend Mika Singh’s swayamvar, to be aired as Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti. But apart from the host, Shaan will also be Mika’s friend and guide as the Aankh Maarey singer decides on his future wife.

In an exclusive interview with Zoom TV Digital ahead of the show’s premiere on June 19, Shaan opened up about his advice for Mika’s future partner. “I think once they decide on each other, then you have to accept each other,” he said.

Among the contestants who have participated in the show, Shaan said, some are headstrong and some are willing to make changes.

“I think for Mika, ideally, he is a self-made man. Jo bhi banaya hai apne bal-bute pe banaya hai, so obviously thodi si rigidity aa jati hai. He has experience of several years. Girls are much younger, so I think Mika should be given the benefit to be able to choose the kind of girl he likes, “he said.

For his partner, Shaan said, he would tell her that once you give him that slight leeway and let him take the big decisions that he has been taking himself for years, he will gradually adapt to your smaller preferences and likings.

“He wants support. If you are independent and career-driven, I think you will have to step back a bit. Unless you are doing really well. Mika has said – agar aap bahut acha kar rahe hai toh mai ghar pe baithuga aur bacho ko sambhaluga. But somewhere you have to set the balance, “added Shaan.

The Tanha Dil singer also added that Mika’s future wife shouldn’t have any sorts of doubts as the singer is a dedicated person. Wo darr nahi hona chaiye ki kaha ja rahe hai kya kar rahe hai, unme wo cheeze nahi hai. I have known him for so long. I know there have been talks in the media, but if there’s a news and there’s no follow up after a day, then you should know how true that news. The way I have known him for years, there’s been no personal issue where he comes across as a sleazy person, he doesn’t have that habit, “assured Shaan. A total of 12 contestants will be participating in the show, set to air on Star Bharat on June 19.


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