Wicklow students urged to enter anti-fast fashion competition

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Wicklow students urged to enter anti-fast fashion competition


STUDENTS in Wicklow are being urged to take part in a competition which aims to raise awareness about ways to combat fast fashion.

elove Fashion is a schools competition that challenges students to look closer at how people dress, and how they can make a fashion statement without creating more demand on resources. Designed by local authorities in partnership with the Rediscovery Centre, the competition has been launched in time for the new school year.

The organisers stress for example that fashion is impactful on the environment as it causes damage when growing cotton for textiles, and the manufacturing of garments and the global shipping to customers and shops has a high carbon footprint.

The message is that fashion does not have to be fast and temporary.

Quality garments and textiles can be very durable and a good outfit is one that is timeless and stylish.

The ability to work with textiles, reinventing them and giving them a new lease of life has always been central to the fashion industry. This competition aims to allow students test their design skills using older fabrics or recreating something out of an older outfit. A new contemporary look is created without the use of new resources.

Part of the vision for a circular economy is a transition from disposable fast fashion to an industry that will harness the circular economy, conserving resources while creating jobs and adding value to products.

Relove Fashion gives students a platform to demonstrate their skill of working with textiles, their creativity in design and their commitment to sustainability. Entrants, who can be individual or a team, must record their design process in a mood board, produce their outfit by early January and are also questioned on their views on sustainability in the textile and fashion industries. The competition is open to all second level students in Wicklow and fits in well with the Home Economics curriculum and the Art curriculum. In some schools it has been undertaken as a Transition Year project.

Wicklow County Council, who led the development of the competition, won an Excellence in Local Government award for its creation.

Students can register to participate on www.relovefashion.ie. All registered by September 30 will be entered in a free draw to win a sewing machine for their school.

The outfit created for the competition must be submitted by January 13.

A teacher’s pack is available providing more information on the competition.



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