Why There Should Be Another Celebrity Big Brother Season (& Why Not)

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Why There Should Be Another Celebrity Big Brother Season (& Why Not)


Although Celebrity Big Brother is not the same as a typical season of Big Brother, CBS should still air another season this winter. Here’s why.

Although there has yet to be any talk regarding another Celebrity Big Brother season, it could be a good idea for CBS to bring it back this winter. So far, there have been three Celebrity Big Brother seasons. While they may not be as enjoyable to watch as a normal season of the show, fans do still tune in.

The most recent Celebrity Big Brother season took place last winter. Throughout the season, a lot of drama unfolded inside the Big Brother house, causing much controversy in real life. The final two duo Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate were the biggest factors behind the controversies due to some of their comments and actions while inside the house. Miesha ultimately took home the win by beating Todrick with seven to one jury vote.


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Celebrity Big Brother Has Not Been Confirmed

While there has yet to be any official announcements regarding a Celebrity Big Brother season for this winter, CBS should really consider it. This would be the fourth season of the celebrity edition. With the most recent season of the show recently coming to an end after Taylor Hale was crowned the winner, fans are already itching for more Big Brother in their life. Instead of having to wait until next summer, another season of the celebrity edition of the show could help break up the long wait until season 25. In addition to this, it is always fun to see celebrities try and take on the challenges of living inside the Big Brother house.

Although it would be nice to have another season of the show to watch in preparation for next summer, Celebrity Big Brother is not the same as a regular season. Because the celebrities that join the show typically have busy and demanding schedules, the celebrity edition of the show is a lot shorter than a normal season. Another letdown is that the celebrities that get cast are typically lower-profile celebrities. Fans would prefer to see some big names take on the Big Brother competition.

Despite there being some cons to a Celebrity Big Brother season, it would ultimately be nice to have a dose of Big Brother in preparation for season 25 next summer. There is still time for CBS to announce a celebrity season of the show for this winter. Fans will just have to wait and see.

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