Why digital-first fashion brand Showpo is adopting AI fashion models

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Why digital-first fashion brand Showpo is adopting AI fashion models


The fashion industry has long been criticised for relying on a single small sample size to showcase clothing. But the cost as well as logistics burden has meant showing clothing on a diverse range of sizes has been not commercially viable for many businesses.

“Shooting catalogue photography on multiple models can be very expensive, making it not commercially viable for most businesses. It’s a major factor in why the industry has not been able to move more ahead in this space,” Showpo founder, Jane Lu, explained to CMO.

However against this is growing demand for fashion brands to adapt to body diversity and acceptance movements and move away from using small-size models to display their clothing. In line with this, Australian-owned and social media-led ecommerce brand, Showpo, recently adopted technology enabling it to utilise artificial intelligence (AI) models, allowing its clothing to be shown on a greater range of body sizes.

“AI models allow for a more diverse range of models at scale as one outfit can easily be shot and applied to a wider variety of models that fit our diverse size range of 4-20,” said Lu.

The AI technology driving this innovation will let brands like Showpo develop personalised content for diverse audiences, while at the same time saving on costs, Lu continued. The decision to merge fashion with technology also allows Showpo to ensure a wider range of diversity in its ecommerce shoots.


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