Who makes or breaks a celebrity? FANS! But things go awry when fans go overboard and take their favourite celebrity and their lives for granted. Your thoughts.

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Who makes or breaks a celebrity? FANS! But things go awry when fans go overboard and take their favourite celebrity and their lives for granted. Your thoughts.

Fans must respect
Celebrities have a right to live their lives without being constantly followed, photographed or approached by fans. Fans play an important role in the success of celebrities. At the same time, negative fan behaviour can have a detrimental effect on a celebrity’s career. Fans should respect their boundaries and act in a positive and respectful manner towards them.
Shweta Kapoor, Writer

Fans, give space
Celebrities are human beings first and their privacy with their family members should not be intervened by any fan. People should stay away from the celebrity’s children and not prey upon the celebs when they are seen in public. How would you feel if you are always trapped? Give them their own space. 
ShahrukhKhan Chauhn, Professional

Preity took the bold step. Kudos!
Agreed that to have a celebrity status, fans are a must but fans should not take them or their privacy for granted. In fact over-usage and over-importance of social media has made fans frenzy for a picture with celebrity so that when uploaded on social media account they get attention and boast the reach. I am afraid fan crazy actions will only go from bad to worst in years to come till celebrity themselves stand up and show such fans their place without bothering about their fan following numbers going down. Kudos to PZ for her bold stand towards such unwanted harassment from so called fans.
Rajen Sharma, 
Management Expert

Fans must oblige
Invading the privacy and personal life of a celebrity is by no means acceptable, however big a fan one is. In fact, it is the fan’s duty to oblige when a celebrity is not willing to interact with the fan.
Urmil Vaidya, 

Don’t take celebs for granted
Preity Zinta is a talented actress, a very humane and compassionate person and not prone to throwing tantrums for cheap publicity like many of her peers. In both the incidents narrated, her stand and viewpoint is right as both FANS and the paparazzi, need to respect privacy of celebrities and not take things for granted.
Sunil Bhatnagar, Retired Professional

No more discussion
Who makes whom? Definitely, fans make and break the celebrities. Fans are crazy when they see the celebrity in front of them and cannot keep control over their feelings, which  sometimes looks awkward. We feel that some people are hungry for glamour which is a weakness. No doubt that celebrities have attained the position by their hard work and they have equal rights like anyone else but they must also understand that they receive ‘special kind of love’. I think these are normal reactions of people and need not be tossed up. 
Shamaldan Raghuji 
Gadhavi, Retired

Fans reaction could backfire
Fans, if they are genuine and sensible, must act with respectful restraint from going intimate with the celebrity when encountered in person. Or else, the celebrities won’t venture out to even hand shake with fans.
Jayesh Parmar, 
English Tutor

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