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Which celebrities have bet on the Jake Paul-Tommy Fury fight?

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Which celebrities have bet on the Jake Paul-Tommy Fury fight?

Social media star Jake Paul will finally get the fight against British boxer Tommy Fury that he had long been asking for and was postponed twice. A lot is at stake for both fighters, with prestige on the line and legitimacy for Paul in the event that he wins.

Some other interested parties are invested in the bout, and these are those who have placed bets on their favored fighter. Canadian rapper Drake, who is known to wager on his favorite athletes, has put $400,000 on a knockout by Paul, and posted his bet on his Instagram account. At odds of 3.6, he stands to collect $1,440,000.

The Drake Curse

If the YouTuber were superstitious, he might be a little nervous from the singer’s bet, as there is what is known as the ‘Drake Curse’. The rapper has been famously known for placing bets on teams or athletes who end up losing their competitions. He has bet on Formula 1, UFC, soccer, the NFL, and a host of other sports. Drake may be getting a lot more flak than he deserves, though, as he recently won $2 million when he put his money on the Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC Championship.


Tyson Fury bets on his brother

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has also put his money where his mouth is, and understandably, he is backing his younger brother. He has wagered $100,000 for an inside-the-distance stoppage and not a win on points. He expressed absolute confidence that Tommy can knock out Paul. The heavyweight had previously said that if his brother loses to the social media personality, his career in boxing would be over.

KSI- Social media rival and future boxing opponent

Internet celebrity KSI has placed a more modest best of $600 on his rival Jake Paul, whom he himself wishes to fight at the end of the year. If the battle between the two YouTubers pushes through, it would be the biggest bout between social media influencers.

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