When Katrina Kaif struggled due to bad posture, curvaceous body in fashion industry; watch

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When Katrina Kaif struggled due to bad posture, curvaceous body in fashion industry; watch

Katrina Kaif is a highly established Bollywood actress today. She has come a long way from her struggling days when she first worked as a fashion model and then, later on, ventured into movies. The beautiful star today is looked upon as one of the sexiest actresses in the business and has been the showstopper for many renowned fashion designers and labels. That is why it is quite unbelievable that at the start of their career, she struggled due to her bad posture and curvaceous body.

Recently, an old interview of the Tiger Zinda Hai actress surfaced online in which the Bollywood superstar revealed how she faced rejection and evasion during the early days in the fashion industry. Katrina started off as a model and initially used to wonder why when many other models were assigned multiple dresses for the ramp, she had only one on her hanger.

When the actress asked about this, the event manager, he/she told Kats that she had two drawbacks-she had a too curvy body and that she did not stand straight. But that did not deter her from trying hard in the fashion industry and eventually did excel.

Talking about what is enough for her when it comes to success, Katrina Kaif said that earlier she used to think that achieving a certain level of success and position will be enough for her. But after venturing into the movie industry which is full of cut-throat competition, she realised that if she sits back and relax, there will be someone else with more ambition to take her place and hence she needs to continue with her work.

She added that as long as you stay grounded and always remember where you started from and wake up every morning saying tomorrow is another day, everything is good. That was an interview from 2010, more than a decade ago but still is relevant as Katrina continues to work hard and has major lineups ready for release this year.

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