“… We Were Like There’s No Way…”

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“… We Were Like There’s No Way…”
“… We Were Like There’s No Way…”


Tanmay Bhat recalls his first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan on All About Movies with Anupama Chopra. A Spotify Original podcast ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

In All About Movies, A Spotify Original Podcast, film critic Anupama Chopra speaks to leaders from the world of business, sports, politics, gastronomy, journalism, social media and more about their passion for cinema. She takes them on a journey of their fondest movie memories, their childhood movie experiences, their guilty pleasures and the role films have played in catapulting them to success.

The first episode features Tanmay Bhat as he draws upon the moments he has spent backstage at Film Awards and comments upon the changing Film Industry.

Recalling his first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan, Tanmay says, “Before Filmfare happened, me and Rohan (Joshi) were writing a show for ICICI Awards, which Shah Rukh was hosting. He was going to come by 5, the show was at 6 and he was delayed by 15 minutes. He came, and we were like there’s no way he is doing this in 20 minutes. We go to his room and quickly run him through the script. It took him 10 minutes and he then comes up to us and he is like first this happens, then this happens and we were like how does he know everything? Shah Rukh looks at his phone and says that this player scored a goal and Rohan was like I haven’t even kept up with the Football Match!”

Tanmay also goes on to comment upon the changing landscape of marketing in films as he mentions, “Earlier the layer of marketing was IIMs, but now it’s going to be flooded by creators.”

Anupama Chopra, film critic and host of the podcast, says “I am a big fan of podcasts
and am thrilled to kick off my first Spotify original – All About Movies. I think the films we love say something about who we are and this is a great way to get insights into some of our most celebrated and successful names!”

With an exciting lineup of the likes of Badminton champion PV Sindhu, Journalist Faye D’Souza, Mythology Scholar Devdutt Pattanaik, LGBTQIA+ activist and influencer Sushant Divgikar, Cred Founder Kunal Shah and many more, All About Movies explores topics like the impact unique stories have had on the guest and how accurately does cinema portray their professions.

Tune into All About Movies with Anupama Chopra, A Spotify Original, with new episodes releasing every Thursday.

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