Waxwork Records release ROB ZOMBIE PRESENTS collection

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Waxwork Records release ROB ZOMBIE PRESENTS collection

It really is the year of the zombies! House of 1000 bodies just celebrated twenty years of traumatizing audiences, and now Waxwork Records has teamed up with Rob to release an exclusive, curated line-up of classic horror soundtracks. The Rob Zombie Presents the collection will feature several previously unreleased film soundtracks personally selected by the singer, songwriter and director. The first release in the collection will be Rob Zombie Gifts WHITE ZOMBIES. The 1932 classic starring Bela Lugosi is considered the first zombie film and managed to influence mainstream media, including a household name band. Rob Zombie said: “This is a great film that not many people know about. It amazes me that a film that is so easily accessible can be so lost.”

Zombie and Waxwork have already collaborated on the official soundtracks for Zombie films House of 1000 bodies, The Devil’s Rejects, 3 From hell, Lords of SalemHalloween 1 and 2 and Munsters. Following these successful partnerships, Zombie explored additional collaborations with Waxwork. Their mission is to uncover, remaster and release classic left-of-center horror soundtracks from his favorite films.

The collection includes deluxe packaging, heavy colored vinyl, new artwork by renowned horror illustrator Graham Humphreys, liner notes and interviews conducted by Rob Zombie with directors and actors. Titles include premiere releases of Baby spider, Carnival of souls, The last man on earth, The House on Ghost Hill, The Isle of Lost Souls, and many selections from HAMMER film library

“I’ve always been a big fan of movie soundtracks. So I jumped at the chance to work with Waxwork on this project.” Zombie says, “I can’t wait to release these albums. So many of these movies are so underrated and they all feature such great music. So to be able to launch these deluxe packages is a dream come true.”

Check out this sweet promo video and all the details on the vinyl below.

Rob Zombie Presents Characteristic

  • Premiere selections from movie soundtracks
    • White zombie
    • Baby spider
    • Carnival of souls
    • The last man on earth
    • The House on Ghost Hill
    • The Isle of Lost Souls
    • More selections from the Hammer film library
  • Luxury packaging
  • 180 grams of vinyl
  • New artwork by Graham Humphreys
  • Notes and interviews from Rob Zombie

White Zombie_Packshot 1White Zombie_back coverWhite Zombie_Vinyl AWhite Zombie_Vinyl BWhite Zombie_Packshot 3

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