VOOPOO unveils 3 new products, telling the story of its 8-year entrepreneurial journey in 30 minutes

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VOOPOO unveils 3 new products, telling the story of its 8-year entrepreneurial journey in 30 minutes


SHENZHEN, China-(BUSINESS WIRE)–VOOPOO’s 2022 “More Than Infinity” Virtual Product Launch was held on June 29, 2022, where VOOPOO spent 30 minutes reviewing its brand history over the past 8 years since its founding, laying out the relationship between the ‘symbol of infinity’ and the spirit of the brand and demonstrating its commitment to creating endless new possibilities using technology in 3 chapters. Meanwhile, the event was highlighted by 3 POD products featuring VOOPOO’s most advanced technology.

A very important topic of the virtual event was telling the story of VOOPOO’s growth since its founding 8 years ago. Evolving from an atomization chip solution provider to today’s leader in the open electronic atomization industry, VOOPOO has driven the industry’s positive development through a series of disruptive innovations while undergoing its own brand metamorphosis. In addition, since VOOPOO started the globalization strategy last year, it has opened branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, France, Canada and Malaysia, and will open more in the future to strengthen localized operations in local markets. VOOPOO also pushed to strengthen its global influence in the field of global electronic atomization by establishing flagship brand stores and launching APPs in more regions.

As another important part of the event, VOOPOO launched the three latest Pod products, of which two V-series products, namely VMATE E and VMATE Infinity Edition, were introduced for the first time. Both products are equipped with a newly upgraded cartomizer using 5A freshness sealing technology to lock in the fresh taste and aroma of the e-liquid, while the Fresnel lens texture design can effectively reduce the exposure of the e-liquid to light. preserving the fresh taste for consumers. The cartridge material is specially added with silver ions with 99%+ effective antibacterial action.

The third Drag Q product that was released earlier is back with a new CMF Infinity Edition. As a POD product, Drag Q has challenged the industry’s understanding of POD products with its expert-level performance in intelligent pressure control and flavor recovery. At the virtual launch, VOOPOO’s global brand ambassador also explained in detail the main driver of VOOPOO’s high-speed development, i.e. the investment in “user-oriented” R&D. So far, VOOPOO has launched three pioneering atomization platforms serving different users – PNP, TPP, ITO, and developed two GENE chips for different product functions – GENE AI and GENE TT. It is with continuous optimization and innovation in atomization technology that VOOPOO wins the trust and support of users.

Endless Connections: Join 100,000+ customers and 50,000,000+ fans to build an e-atom culture

The final chapter was dedicated to the customers and the millions of fans who marched forward hand in hand with VOOPOO. In the past 8 years, VOOPOO has cooperated closely with more than 100,000 offline stores and won more and more users with high-quality products and continuous market investment. Its market achievements are proof of mutual benefit and profitable cooperation with partners. Globally, more than 50 million users have become loyal fans of VOOPOO. They not only drive VOOPOO to continue creating products that are ahead of the times, but also become part of the e-atom culture in the VOOPOO ecosystem. VOOPOO has announced that the first flagship stores that are part of the VOOPOO ecosystem will open in the UK and Indonesia to interact closely with VOOPOO fans.

VOOPOO took 30 minutes to demonstrate the relationship between VOOPOO’s development strategy, innovative spirit, brand culture and infinity symbol, while the 3 newly launched products will be worthy of market and industry expectations.


VOOPOO is a leading open under system brand and has risen rapidly through DRAG products, which have gained wide recognition worldwide in a short period of time. VOOPOO focuses on building two core technology platforms of [Chip] and [Atomization]. VOOPOO creatively developed GENE.AI, GENE.TT and other chips. In addition, VOOPOO has independently developed three atomization platforms, which are TPP, PNP, ITO, targeting differentiated users. VOOPOO has four main product series – ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI and V-series (Doric). VOOPOO will continue to develop more national markets in the future, striving to build one of the world’s most influential brands.

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