Vishnu Vishal’s FIR to get a sequel, movie set to become a spy universe series| Exclusive

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Vishnu Vishal’s FIR to get a sequel, movie set to become a spy universe series| Exclusive
Vishnu Vishal’s FIR to get a sequel, movie set to become a spy universe series| Exclusive


FIR was released in early 2022 and was a blockbuster. It was produced by Vishnu Vishal, who also starred in the film. Now, he has announced the sequel, FIR 2, which will be officially launched soon. Here are the deets.

Chennai,UPDATED: Jan 16, 2023 08:58 IST

Actor and producer Vishnu Vishal is now making a spy universe with his film, FIR.

By Latha Srinivasan: Vishnu Vishal had a good 2022 with two hit films, FIR and Gatta Kusthi. He took to Twitter on January 15 to reveal plans to make FIR 2, a sequel to his highly successful FIR that was released in February 2022. brings you some exclusive details about this sequel.

Sources revealed to us that this movie, produced by Vishnu Vishal and VV Studioz, will have a new director and will not be helmed by FIR director Manu Chandra. Director Manu Anand recently announced that he will be doing his next film with Prince Pictures. Thus, actor Vishnu Vishal, who also produced FIR, seems to have roped in a new director for this project.

FIR was about a spy named Irfan Ahmed / Faizal Ibrahim Raiz (FIR) and this sequel will see him take on a new mission. FIR2 is going to be bigger and better than FIR assert sources. There is also going to be a lot more action in the sequel.

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The shooting for the sequel will begin once Vishnu Vishal finishes his commitments to the Aidhwarya Rajinikanth film Lal Salaam and Aaryan.


Another important update about this sequel is that there are plans to create a spy universe out of this film, which means that there will be numerous sequels to this film, beginning with FIR 2. So, what are the new missions that Faizal Ibrahim Raiz will go on and who are the villains he encounters? This is exciting news indeed.

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Creating a cinematic universe seems to be the latest trend since HIT (Telugu) is also going to feature 7 films in its HIT universe. There is no indication of how many films will feature in the FIR universe, but there are likely to be five by the look of things.


FIR featured Vishnu Vishal, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Manjima Mohan, Reba Monica John, Raiza Wilson and Gaurav Narayanan. We saw Vishnu Vishal play the lead role of Irfan Ahmed / Faizal Ibrahim Raiz. The film had a huge opening at the box office and grossed more than Rs 8 crore in Tamil Nadu. This Vishnu Vishal film grossed more than Rs 24 crore in total and was one of the biggest Tamil film hits of 2022.

The movie did pre-release business of Rs22 crore without theatricals, so it was already a winner before release.


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