Viaan has finally realized his love for Kata; but will Aarav accept him as his father?

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Viaan has finally realized his love for Kata; but will Aarav accept him as his father?

Katha Ankahee Upcoming Spoiler Alert: Katha Ankahee’s show is popular all over India and fans are addicted to the current song which is about Reet (Jasveen Kaur) giving birth to a baby boy. All congratulate Reet and Yuvraj. Kailash Garewal (Gireesh Sahdev) seems to dislike Viaan (Adnan Khan) and tells him that he can leave from there. Viaan gets a bit upset seeing this behavior. Yuvraj, who is the new father, calls Meera and cuts all ties with her, feeling the responsibility of his family. Viaan comes home where Teji (Bidisha Ghosh Sharma) anoints her head with oil; then Viaan comes and he begins to anoint her head with oil. Viaan and Teji spend some time with each other. Viaan changes his behavior and Teji gets a hint that Viaan loves someone. We will wait to see if Tejji accepts Katha or not.

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Now we will see in an upcoming episode that Aarav (Ajinkya Mishra) sees his family photo and his father is missing. He complains to Kata about his father’s absence and Kata gets emotional later. Ehsan (Samar Vermani) and Viaan discuss that Viaan will adore Aarav and the interesting part in Katha Ankahee is that Aarav already likes Viaan; so there will be no rejection while accepting Viaan as a father. Also Read – Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twists: Will Katha and Viaan’s love story finally begin to fans’ delight?

In the future episode, we can see that Tejji will organize a pooja for Viaan and invite his entire family to Earthcon, where Katha will arrive early and take care of all the preparations. When Reet reaches there, she will once again taunt Katha, saying that she will always be there for Viaan. Is there a relationship or not? Hearing this, Kata will get angry and give her a clear confirmation that nothing like that will happen, but the viewers are eagerly waiting for the next installment that will reveal the friendship of Robin and Batman in the series. And also bring Kata and Viaan together.

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Will Eshaan take a step back and give up his love for Viaan? Will Kata and Viaan’s love story come between Viaan and Esan’s friendship? All this is to be seen in the next few episodes. Stay on the line.

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