Vanessa Feltz Says Dates Are Moaning About ‘Interviewing’ Them As She Moves On From A Breakup

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Vanessa Feltz Says Dates Are Moaning About ‘Interviewing’ Them As She Moves On From A Breakup

Vanessa Feltz split from partner of 17 years Ben Ofoedu in February after he cheated on her multiple times – and she’s since thrown herself back into the dating scene

Vanessa Feltz is dating again after her breakup with Ben((Kate Green/Getty Images for Walt)

Journalists are a little curious by nature. So Vanessa Feltz is a little annoyed with potential suitors, claiming she’s putting them off by grilling them on their dates — she thinks guys just talk terribly.

The 61-year-old TV and radio presenter is used to putting topics in the spotlight during shows, but since splitting from her repeatedly cheating partner of 17 years, Ben Ofoedu, in February, she has thrown herself into the dating scene, until mixed reactions. “I’ve found that when a date hasn’t gone well with the other person, they have a tendency to say ‘she was interviewing me’ about me.” I think they don’t know what it’s like to conduct an interview. Some people are a little into conversations.

Vanessa went on as many as three dates in one night and notes that she hasn’t spent a night alone since her breakup – “it must have been 200 or more. I just don’t like going in and sitting alone. But it’s indecent. I am absolutely exhausted.”

The star has been on three dates in one night as she recovers from her heartache(Jed Cullen/Dave Bennett/Getty Images)
Vanessa and Ben broke up after he cheated on her((Getty Images for Orion Books)

Now she’s complaining that some of the dates she went on for Celebs Go Dating are using her work to insult her dating techniques after she rejected them. “They’ve come all the way to see you on a date. They know it will be with someone famous they’ve heard of. You’d think they’d come on their A-game with a few anecdotes and a few questions to ask. . .A little payback… But it’s not necessarily guaranteed.

Vanessa Feltz goes on her first date in 17 years

“So if you’re on a date with someone who doesn’t seem to have anything to say…I might ask a few questions. I’m just trying to get the conversation going. It’s easy for someone to tell me because I interview people for a living. When we get along really well and there’s a repeat date, it’s fine. But the ones I’ve rejected are suddenly coming out with it.

Celebs Go Dating starts on Sunday 20 August at 9pm on E4.

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