“Unaffordable”: Internet Reacts To Expensive Popcorn Bill From Movie Theatre

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“Unaffordable”: Internet Reacts To Expensive Popcorn Bill From Movie Theatre

Going to movie theatres and enjoying a movie with family and friends is an experience we all enjoy. But ever since the pandemic, the OTT wave has taken over our movie-watching outings. We now prefer to wait for our favourite movies to come on digital streaming platforms; the reason being that going to movie halls to watch a film has actually become quite an expensive affair. Along with the hefty amounts spent on paying for tickets, the food and drinks in the hall too burn quite a hole in the pocket. Recently, a Twitter user shared his expensive popcorn bill from the movie theatre and pointed out this very same issue. Take a look:

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A Twitter user, Tridip K Mandal, shared the tweet on July 2. In a short span of time, the tweet has raked in over 1.2 million views and 17.8k likes, and the numbers are only increasing. In the click, we could see the bill at a movie hall for a portion of regular cheese popcorn and a regular Pepsi. While the popcorn cost Rs 460, the soft beverage was priced at Rs 360. The total of the bill, thus, came to Rs 820. This was excluding the cost of the movie tickets. Thus, the entire experience of watching a movie in the theatre turned out to be quite a costly affair and almost equivalent to a yearly OTT subscription.
“Rs 460 for 55gm of cheese popcorn, Rs 360 for 600ml of Pepsi. Total Rs 820 at PVR Cinemas Noida. That’s almost equal to the annual subscription to Prime Video. No wonder people don’t go to cinemas anymore. Movie watching with the family has just become unaffordable,” read the tweet.
A number of Twitter users reacted to the post about expensive food bills in movie halls. “How can we afford such exorbitant prices? No wonder people stopped going to theatres,” wrote one user. “Things to do in multiplex 1. Save popcorn money and have a nice meal after the movie,” said another one. Some people thought that purchasing popcorn and drinks is completely optional and nobody was forcing the customer to buy it. “Go to a cinema hall to watch a film and not for lunch/dinner. It’s stupid to complain about the prices of snacks when you are there to experience a film,” said another one.
Take a look at the reactions:

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