This week’s best celebrity looks are a flagrant display of the insanely expensive

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This week’s best celebrity looks are a flagrant display of the insanely expensive

How strange that in a period of economic downturn, we’re here at our 9-5s swooning over stars that look positively dripping in wealth.

Call it the desire for distraction, call it the inescapable creep of capitalism, call it frivolous. But it’s getting us through.

“Gwyneth's trial and the wondrous outfit opportunities it's presented us are truly a gift to help assuage unprecedented times.”

Jeff Swinger

“Gwyneth’s trial and the wondrous outfit opportunities it’s presented us are truly a gift to help assuage unprecedented times.”

From Gwyneth Paltrow treating the Utah courtroom like fashion week, to Chris Pine showing off the best of Italian suiting, celebrities were out in their best and flashiest gear this week.

Scroll down for their luxurious looks, and other enviable outfits from people who never worry about cost per wear.

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Best coat

Cynthia Nixon gave us a taste of Miranda’s wardrobe while filming season 2 of And Just Like That in New York this week. If this colourful Oscar de la Renta coat is anything to go by, I will again be enduring more Che Diaz and watching AJLT for the fashion and the fashion only.

The yellow to purple gradient looks incredible on Cynthia, and it reminds me of the sunset eye makeup in our latest Ensemble beauty shoot – pretty! – Lara Daly

Best suit

There’s a lot of online chatter at the moment about ‘stealth wealth’, thanks to Gwyneth’s courtroom looks and the return of Succession. Giuliva Heritage is one of those brands, from Italy, that speaks to that subtle, well-crafted and insanely expensive aesthetic – as worn here to perfection from Chris Pine.

I love a twist on the traditional men’s suit, like this green on green version. Note the unbuttoned shirt, nonchalent placement of the collar, and gold pendant necklace. – Zoe Walker Ahwa

Best from the ‘best’

Celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart was named stylist of the year in the Hollywood Reporter’s inaugural list of Hollywood hitters. Those who have been following Law Roach’s retirement and subsequent interviews about the politics at play in the industry may take this anointing with a grain of salt, especially given Cate Blanchett, her star client, isn’t exactly new to the business of being a clothes horse.

But it’s the work that Elizabeth does with Viola Davis that is of most interest to me. They had a stellar award season together, celebrating Viola’s numerous nominations for her work in The Woman King, and the buzz surrounding her role as Michael Jordan’s mother in Air, the biopic directed by Ben Affleck, suggests we are going to see a lot more of this great partnership. I’m obsessed with the fit of this Roland Mouret gown on her, the colour is so fresh and joyful. – Rebecca Wadey

Best surprise

While an incredibly popular musical artist, Alecia Moore AKA P!nk isn’t particularly known for being concerned with fashion, or at least it’s not closely aligned with her identity in the way it is with some of her pop star contemporaries. I see her name and sooner think of the fabrics she contorts herself in to perform those acrobatic feats than those she dons as clothing.

Which is why I was pretty surprised to see her wearing this demure gown by Jean Paul Gaultier at the iHeart Radio Awards this week. At first glance it seems quite a departure from the bold, edgy, glam rock looks she usually favours, but look again, and you’ll spot plenty of spunk in the details, like those sequin trimmed gloves and pockets. – Tyson Beckett

Biggest contrast

Remember the kerfuffle in 2018 when Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran performed together; her in an extravagant pink ruffled gown and him in a black T-shirt? And the Internet exploded with commentary about dress codes, gender standards and what society expects of women versus cis white men (aka, a lot vs. not a lot)?

This – Jennifer Aniston in a sequin mini dress and stilettos and her co-star Adam Sandler in a hoodie and sneakers – is the 2023 version of that exact same conversation. – ZWA

Best corsage

Also at the iHeart Radio Awards was everyone’s favourite sad girl, Phoebe Bridgers, who wore this sleek black dress by Rodarte when presenting Taylor Swift with the Innovator Award. The uber cool LA brand is a favourite of the musician (and Ensemble’s) – she wore a gown of theirs to Time’s Women of The Year Gala earlier in March, and also modelled for them back in 2019. I loved that the big corsage may, or may not, be a nod to the Gucci version her ex-boyfriend Paul Mescal wore to the Oscars.

Jenny Slate wore the green version of this dress to the Golden Globes in January and the comparison really does show you the difference styling makes to an outfit. Slate’s Grecian styling has been replaced by more gothic touches like this wonderfully dark pout, which is the work of Aotearoa-born makeup artist Amber D. The whole look feels very Phoebe, and honestly I’m thrilled anytime she wears something that’s not adorned with a skeleton. – TB

Best accessories

Gwyneth’s trial and the wondrous outfit opportunities it has presented us are truly a gift to help assuage unprecedented times.

Whether it’s her ‘capacious’ bag, large sparkling water bottle or House of Gucci-esque spectacles, I feel like she is happy to be memed, and we are lapping up the resulting content. She’s playing the role of haughty holidaymaker in haute couture to perfection. – RW

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