This TikTok trend shows why fans think Beyonce doesn’t do many interviews anymore

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This TikTok trend shows why fans think Beyonce doesn’t do many interviews anymore


Beyoncé is one of the biggest celebrities in the world and she has managed to remain elusive and has not made any major press releases in recent years.

A new TikTok trend reminds us why.

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The superstar didn’t shy away from conventional media interviews during his rise to fame with Child of destiny and at the beginning of his solo career. Before social media, it was the primary way fans could see celebrities, learn about their personalities, and discover fun facts about them or their work ethic outside of the music, movies, etc. they released or starred in. However, as social media platforms became more popular with the advancement of technology, it changed the media and became a major way for celebrities to reach their fans as they could engage directly with users.

Social media has allowed stars to write their own narrative instead of relying on the media to convey their perspectives and live private lives if they want to. Beyoncé is an artist who has taken advantage of this and has done a great job separating her work from her personal life. As a result, fans only know what she wants them to know, which is as it should be. Mother of three children stopped did most of the interviews in 2013 and has only done a few since.

The icon’s dance challenges aren’t the only thing that’s gone viral on TikTok. Users of the platform started a new funny trend to explain why they think the “Cuff It” singer stopped giving interviews, which includes videos of funny moments of her interviews during interviews.

And fans, even members of the BeyHive, can’t stop giggling at what’s been dug up from the archives.

“Bro I’m screaming at this interview and caption 😅,” someone commented.

Do you think Beyonce will ever be on a platform like Good morning America again?

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