It’s hard to satiate our needs for Bollywood gossip. Every piece of tattle from the tinsel town becomes a story today be it worthy or not. You can blame it on our obsession with celebs or a channel’s propaganda to get views. 

That said, if you are a Bolly buff you might have stumbled on Bollywood YouTube channels and the way they spice up their stories. Keeping aside the juicy narration, what first grabs our attention is the image or thumbnail of that story. Sometimes channels go out of their way and create the funniest, most controversial, and well wild thumbnails for that one click. 

We compiled a list of those YouTube thumbnails that will make you go WTF!! Read on. 

1. Ugh what?

2. Has Salman seen this?


3. Now that’s the worst edit I have seen today. 


4. Worst clickbait lol. 


5. Okay, but what’s your point?


6. Live and let live. Cool?


7. Haters will say it’s fake.


8. Kuch bhi matlab?


9. Poor kid.


10. Is the picture real ?


11. More drama than Ekta Kapoor’s serials. 


12. An attempt to bad Photoshop.


13. I want Jaya ji to see this. 


14. Stop it!

15. Cringe content. 

16. More like zubaan kesari.

17. Shit posting for views.

18. Fake news at peak. 

19. This edit cracks me up. 

20. Mind your business?

21. Who?

22. Just curious to know the point of this story?

23. Ouch!

24. No comments. 

25. Wahh

26. Badly photoshopped. 

27. How do you know?

28. Kareena looks annoyed but. 

29. Lol, what?

30. Expression on point though. 

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