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There is still low acceptance of women entrepreneurs in India: Yogita Tulsiani

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There is still low acceptance of women entrepreneurs in India: Yogita Tulsiani

CXOToday participated in an exclusive interview with Ms. Yogita Tulsaini, Director & Co-Founder, iXceed Solutions

  1. What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

The most enjoyable part of this trip was the opportunity to paint our ambitions on a white canvas. Being an entrepreneur is like having all the glory and guilt at the same time. I always wanted to be my own boss. I like independence and creativity and I like to try new things. I enjoy the challenges of being an entrepreneur much more than the thrill of success. The aspect of my job that I value most is the opportunity to improve people’s lives, contribute to the ecosystem and create jobs. I decided to go into business because I always wanted to make an impact. I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship and enjoy reading the success stories of all accomplished business people. You see, it’s interesting to watch something grow from nothing into an empire. It takes a lot of courage, preparation, fortitude, hard work and teamwork along with solid execution and strategic skills.

2. What are the challenges you have to face as a female entrepreneur?

As a female entrepreneur I have observed many challenges in my personal life, the biggest challenge I face as a female entrepreneur is creating a work-life balance. Women are expected to play a major role in taking care of the family. Being an entrepreneur means working long hours. In such a case, having time for the family and especially for myself is very difficult.

There is always a low acceptance of female entrepreneurs in the industry, female entrepreneurs are judged to be less competent than their male peers, society believes that women have low leadership skills

In fact, I have been judged and criticized many times for my choices

3. What qualities make you a good leader?

Passionate, hardworking, communicative, sensitive and intelligent are the qualities that every leader should have and I think I have learned all these qualities over time because I think a good leader always adapts to their surroundings and motivates the team to succeed together.

4. How do you usually approach work? What drives you forward?

A startup that plans your business and takes small incentives for it. Reading about this industry with the right statistics and understanding the nature/trend of the market. But always be calm, positive and always believe in yourself.

5. Doesn’t the heavy responsibility of the job wear you down? How do you manage to cope with such high pressure?

Obviously I get very tired at the end of the day. Sometimes psychological weakness also manifests itself as physical. Still, I’m glad I don’t stop working and it boosts my confidence that I’ll succeed even more.

In fact, I might want to do some relaxation exercises—like paying attention to music, reading books, sitting in peace for a moment. Positive thinking and internal motivation also help me a lot in dealing with stress.

6. Any advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Well, I advise aspiring women entrepreneurs to never underestimate their own strength and power. Always believe in yourself and be hardworking and passionate.

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