The Road Warrior, The Shining, and The Best Movies Free on Plex in December

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The Road Warrior, The Shining, and The Best Movies Free on Plex in December
The Road Warrior, The Shining, and The Best Movies Free on Plex in December


Three Kings

This time of year probably brings Three Kings to mind, but likely not this 1999 black comedy war film from director David O. Russell. Set in Iraq at the conclusion of the Persian Gulf War, Three Kings tells the tale of a group of American soldiers who, while hunting down a series of secret bunkers containing gold bullion, get caught up in a skirmish between Iraqi soldiers and anti-Saddam Hussein dissidents. Starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, and director Spike Jonze, the cast is uniformly excellent and the movie expertly melds the action and comedy genres while also thoughtfully exploring and satirizing the military, U.S. diplomacy, and the media. Three Kings is a dizzying, fun film that delivers a picture of modern warfare that will leave a terrible taste in your mouth.

Watch Three Kings on Plex here

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Every generation deserves its stoner comedy classic, and for the aughts, we have Harold & Kumar. The slacker duo played with effortless chemistry by John Cho and Kal Penn won over the hearts of bros everywhere with their singleminded pursuit of White Castle’s simple, yet satisfyingly tasty little burgers. The film also kickstarted a fascination with Neil Patrick Harris that led to How I Met Your Mother and a late-career resurgence. While Harold and Kumar returned for sequels with diminishing returns (including a Christmas movie!), the original is still a fun, surprisingly subversive comedy that will leave you with a hankering for some chicken rings.

Watch Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle here

Hereditary (Starts 12/15)

Ari Aster burst onto the scene with his feature film debut, Hereditary, a horror movie so harrowing and unsettling that it was immediately hailed as one of the scariest movies ever made. While we wouldn’t go that far, Aster’s 2018 feel-bad hit is something of a masterpiece, exploring grief, generational trauma, and parenthood with unflinching, icy precision. Toni Collette leads the film as a woman still processing the death of her mother when another tragedy strikes her family, and her searing, vulnerable performance will linger with you long after the credits roll. Packed with visual easter eggs and bolstered by a menacing score from Colin Stetson, Hereditary is the kind of film that gets under your skin and never truly leaves.

Watch Hereditary here


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