The power of pink in men’s fashion

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The power of pink in men’s fashion

ANN/THE DAILY STAR – As summer dawns, the sight of stylish men confidently donning pink is more captivating than ever! With the colour pink transcending traditional gender boundaries, it has become a centrepiece in the realm of men’s fashion worldwide. Possibilities and creative styling await exploration within the realm of men’s pink apparel, spanning from laid-back casual wear to sophisticated formal ensembles.


Pink is one of the most versatile colours since it complements so many standard menswear shades. Pink goes well with neutral colours like grey, blue, and brown. It also looks best with darker hues like navy blue, black, grey and white.

So, the remainder of your colour scheme may be chosen with relative ease. If your complexion is fair, a darker pink will look better on you. On the other hand, a pastel or light pink looks good on darker skin.


Every guy needs a pink long-sleeved shirt in his closet. Perhaps you already have one hiding out under the guise of “salmon” colour! A pink Oxford shirt is probably one of the best options for tackling pink with elegance for men. If you want to avoid wearing a suit to work but yet want to seem polished, try pairing a pale pink Oxford shirt with light chinos.

Moreover, a grey or blue suit paired with a pink shirt is a classic combination that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe.

Photos show how various shades of pink complement different skin complexions. PHOTO: YOURAVERAGEGUYSTYLE.COM, FASHION NOVA, AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN & FACEBOOK/BANGTAN.OFFICIAL


Pink kurtas are also amazing to add to your closet! You may pick from a broad choice of basic cotton kurtas, kurtas with block patterns, and embroidered pink silk kurtas depending on the event that you will be attending. Put it on with white trousers or trousers in a colour that stands out from the top to get the perfect festive look. You may also look your best during the celebrations by wearing a pant and a pink kurta with elaborate embroidery.


These days, a pink blazer is a wardrobe must. Blazer fabrics range from linen and cotton to polyester and silk, among many others. The finest appearance for weddings or other formal events may be achieved by selecting from a broad variety of patterns, such as floral, checkered, solid and geometric. This season, salmon pink and coral pink, two warm colours that do not fail to impress, are ideal for adorning blazers and coats.


If you want to try out the cheerful pink colour without making a complete commitment to your outfits, go for pink accessories. Pink may be shown off with the help of some cool and fun accessories. Socks, hats, belts, and pocket squares are all easy accessories to play around with.

But if you want to keep things understated, choose just one item in that shade. In fact, a trainer bag or bum bag is one of the most popular pink accessories for guys!

Put simply, pink is vibrant and strong and complements many men’s natural complexions and personalities. So, now is the time to go and try out your pink fashion to appear confident, attractive, and successful anywhere.

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