The most desired male and female celebrities as dating partners

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The most desired male and female celebrities as dating partners
The most desired male and female celebrities as dating partners

Recent surveys are spotlighting the popularity of certain celebrities as potential “romantic partners,” as ranked by online participants.

The latest survey was initiated by StarGio Soft, the company behind the creation of ‘Compatibility Mate,’ a unique AI-driven dating application. This application recently surveyed the ‘most sought-after male and female celebrities’ as prospective dating partners.

Between August 3 and August 10, StarGio Soft executed this fascinating survey via their official Instagram and Facebook platforms, aimed at a diverse demographic of 200 participants, consisting of an equal number of men and women aged between 20 and 60.

The results were:

Male celebrities:

1. Song Kang (36%)
2. Cho Gue Sung (27%)
3. Lim Young Woong (18%)
4. Cha Eun Woo (9%)
5. Siwan (9%)

Female celebrities:

1. YoonA (76%)
2. Kim Yuna (7%)
3. Taeyeon (5%)
4. Suzy (3%)
5. IU (3%)

Particularly noteworthy was YoonA, who emerged as the overwhelming favorite among the most desired female celebrities for dating, with a jaw-dropping 76% approval rate. Her recent role in the drama ‘King The Land’ saw her return to the spotlight, where she charmed audiences with her enchanting performance and compelling on-screen romance.

On the male side, the captivating actor Song Kang scooped the top spot with 36% of the votes. His charismatic and youthful persona, combined with an alluring sophistication, has endeared him to many fans, propelling him to the top of this ranking.

Representatives of StarGio Soft conveyed the belief that these celebrities garnered such high scores not just for their physical appeal, but also due to their personalities reflected on the screen. They stated, “We believe that these celebrities received high scores not only for their external charm but also for their attitude of giving their best in their work.”

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