The Khalifa Fund Summer Entrepreneurship Camp is back for its fourth edition

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The Khalifa Fund Summer Entrepreneurship Camp is back for its fourth edition


ABU DHABI – Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development has announced the launch of the fourth edition of its Venturist Entrepreneurship Summer Camp 2022. The upcoming camp will be the first of its kind as it returns to a physical, in-person camp, following 3 virtual camps that started in 2020

The Entrepreneurial Summer Camp to be held at the Abu Dhabi Youth Center is now open for free registration for aspiring young entrepreneurs. The camp will have 3 separate segments of 2 work weeks starting from July 13th to July 22nd, July 25th to August 4th and August 8th to 18th.

The Venturist Entrepreneurship Summer Camp aims to inspire innovative young students aged 10-18 years while equipping them with knowledge by offering a mix of workshops and private sessions led by renowned speakers who will share their expertise in various business verticals .

Alia Al Mazrouei, CEO of Khalifa Fund, said: “We are delighted that the Venturist Entrepreneurship Summer is back again and this time students will have the opportunity to attend in person and participate in the workshops and entrepreneurship lessons. As always Khalifa Fund is committed to identifying and implementing new and innovative ways to empower the youth of the UAE; Venturist will provide students with resources and mentorship that will enable them to unlock their entrepreneurial potential.

“The key objective of Venturist is to offer a high-quality camp that is affordable and specifically targeted at youth who are interested in entrepreneurship. We aim to encourage idea generation, collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking by creating a keen understanding and equipping the younger generation with the knowledge needed to be successful entrepreneurs.”

Al Mazrouei added: “We offer Venturist for free as we see this camp as a tool that can empower the next generation of UAE entrepreneurs. The program is designed to equip young people with the essential business skills needed to build their capacity to thrive and grow into the industry leaders of tomorrow and succeed in the business world, while contributing to empowering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UAE.”

In this edition, the face-to-face camp will be divided into 3 separate camps lasting 10 days each. The first two camps will be dedicated to senior students in the age category of 13 to 18 years, while the 3rd camp will be for junior students in the age group of 10 to 14 years; in addition to being free, transportation will be facilitated.

In its latest edition, Venturist builds on the recognition and response it received from its previous two sessions, in which more than 200 handpicked students participated. The camp brings together a respected lineup of teachers, entrepreneurs, and speakers to help attendees navigate the program. Participants will work in groups with specialized teachers and build on their business ideas. The program also aims to teach innovation and invention, logo design, marketing, promotion, prototyping, budgeting and finance, and business plan development. Towards the end of Venturist, participants will present well thought out business ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs and representatives.


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