The Kapil Sharma Show, 24th April 2022, Written Update: Tiger Shroff & Tara Sutaria promote Heropanti 2

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The Kapil Sharma Show, 24th April 2022, Written Update: Tiger Shroff & Tara Sutaria promote Heropanti 2


Kapil Sharma begins his show by telling Archana Puran Singh that everyone loves what a hero does and they follow them so whole-heartedly. He tells how the hero made his entry in earlier days and recites some dialogues. He enacts the dying scene of every hero and amuses the audience with his acting. The show gets nostalgic as Kapil narrates watching movies in the early days on a projector.  Kapil Sharma welcomes the Heropanti 2 star cast – Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria. He asks Tiger if anytime his pants tore while performing and he agrees. He compliments Tara for her looks. They discuss food and Kapil gets shocked knowing Tara doesn’t work out. 

Kapil Sharma welcomes Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Heropanti 2 director Ahmed Khan. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Tara Sutaria show how they greet each other. He asks Nawazuddin if he has come out of Laila’s character and he agrees. Kapil Sharma talks about Nawazuddin’s new bungalow and congratulates Kapil on his new movie. Ahmed Khan appreciates Tiger Shroff for his dance, action, and acting. Kapil Sharma welcomes A.R Rahman and expresses his gratitude to him for gracing his show. Kapil Sharma introduces some cues to rate his cast’s acting. Later, Chandan Prabhakar entertains everyone with his acting as an action hero.

Sumona Chakravarti comes as Bhoori, and Chandu struggles to converse in English with A.R. Rahman. Bhoori boasts about her beauty and Kapil Sharma mocks her. They conduct ‘Post Ka Postmortem’ and read comments from the star cast’s posts. The Heropanti 2 cast plays the ‘Indian Whisper’ game and everyone laughs out loud seeing the cast struggle with all the lines. Sapna enters dancing to ‘Rangeela’ song and entertains the cast and audience. Kapil Sharma asks the audience to tell their anecdotes about online frauds. A person from the audience also dances with Tiger Shroff. Kapil Sharma ends the show by vouching for animal care and saving water.

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