The ‘Grocery Girl’ aesthetic is for girls who love prints and colour

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The ‘Grocery Girl’ aesthetic is for girls who love prints and colour
The ‘Grocery Girl’ aesthetic is for girls who love prints and colour

Keeping the in-between season in mind, zeroing in on the hyper-specific iterations of what’s trending at large, and discovering this month’s micro-trend, we spotted the ‘Grocery Girl’ aesthetic doing rounds on the internet. All the designers and their summer collection’s after-effects have probably worked in favour to some degree of the not-so-big yet significant micro trend of this season.Spotted celebs outside the grocery stores in comfort clothing have been part of Hollywood’s paparazzi culture whether it’s Gwyneth Paltrow or Naomi Campbell posting an entire YouTube video in 2019 dedicated to her grocery run, flaunting Japanese pears, spicy olives and coconut yoghurt. Catching up on the global fashion mood board this season, monsoon isn’t complete without a trip to the farmer’s market in your gum boots where stands are overflowing with fresh juicy peaches, plump heirloom tomatoes, ripe melons and local vendors sitting with vegetable stalls covers with plastic roofs. The fashion world couldn’t resist this season’s clothing full of fruits andvegetable prints. Influencers have been drawing inspiration from market trips, picnics and weekends to mountain getaways. Weekend getaways are all about road trips to close-by hills with waterfalls all around or boutique fort properties overlooking farms and lush green scenery. These photo dumps are full of vibrant fruit and vegetable print clothing to usher in the next style trend: the grocery-girl aesthetic.

Food has been the key inspiration for many micro trends this year. In the beauty world as of late, fruit forward nail art, latte/cappuccino make-up and doughnut glow skin hacks have taken over Youtube channels. Brands are creating accessories with watermelon purses, fruit-shaped crystal clutches, tapas tanks, and Aperol-spritz sunglasses for the beach. Just like Dolce & Gabbana, J Crew., and Moschino becomes hot brands for grocery prints for their hot selling items. Tomato Girl’s European travel vibes and lemon girl’s summertime energy has taken over TikTok and Reels. Every cool and contemporary brand is encouraging us to wear our girl who cooks dinner well on our sleeves, literally. Food prints are for fun, playful and joyous girls and Uber cool guys, for some the joy of grocery print clothing is having a fun personality. After all, we all love to see martini up on T-shirts, lemonade print dresses and cocktail prints on PJs, it says a lot more about personal mood than florals, plaids or even leopard prints. People who love food are generally happy, playful and bright people. It’s another way of playing with someone’s five senses. Food evokes taste, literally and figuratively. There’s no better place for a girl to flaunt her taste with both – food and style. More than social media, the recent food-centric pieces one can spot are on the runway. This likely influenced the popularity of the grocery-girl aesthetic across fast-fashion and ready-to wear clothing. But platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have also shifted power towards their consumers by hashtagging their food prints for widespread.


Coming from the street style and heading for the high fashion runways, the grocery girl aesthetic is not trickling down anymore. When fashion seasons come back brands are including their research on social media and what’s trending the most on Instagram, as in really what high-fashion giants are getting inspired by is user-generated content on the internet. Micro influencers and what they wear on the streets and get photographed in, have begun to change the narratives of the next big fashion. In the case of grocery girls, social media influencers are hyped with food trends that end up on everything from caps, T-shirts, and hoodies to casual cotton pants and co-ords. It’s like food influencers posting videos of their grocery shopping in cute fruit & food print dresses so everyone is doing the same. Food as fashion has changed the Landscape of clothing and the way we have fun with dressing up. Fashion has always taken itself very seriously with silhouettes and trends but post-pandemic in recent years, mainstream brands also letting their hair down to have some fun. Everything is getting a bit lighter which means this monsoon and fall it’s all about serving your flavour. Shop some grocery-printed outfits and accessories to bring out your inner grocery girl this season.

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